Palm Blaster

A Palm Blaster is a hand orthosis made of stretchy uladi (h. neoprene). Developed based on the design of the Digger, a blaster used for mining, its power is derived from a kyron-sphere the size of the pinhead. Blasters emit electromagnetic radiation in waves of varying degrees. In its standard defensive setting (AMXK), it produces a pressure wave that stuns a target with a pulse that seizes the nerve cells of a moving target knocking them off their feet. In its engagement setting (TIL) it emits a pulse of electromagnetic energy lethal to both helovx, and Femmar.

To be worn only on active duty, every Marixi on active service receives a blaster. Fleet and non-divisional enlisted must ‘house’ their Blasters, when not in uniform; wearing on the hand (or to ‘glove’) remains barred outside of Orta (except for members of the Citizen’s Guard).

Ranking officers in Surface Operational are authorized to attach their Blasters to their uniforms, when in non-engagement situations. Guardia and Axyrn must “glove” while on duty; meaning it must be on their hand at all times, unless off duty, then it must be secured as not to be seen by the citizenry.