A dultax /dool-tacks/ is a blunted club or walking stick made of engineered whale-bone. Decorative dultaxi are given ceremonially to ranking members of Fleet, Air-Command, and the Guardia.

The first sharpened weapons were called helvtax and made from the femurs of helovx-males killed in combat by Femitokon and her Chosen. The moral outcry from other Shored forced Femitokon to ban their use (and further creation).

In the months before the culling of Marixi, Fusofitakil ordered Bizaki design engineers to fashion sharpened batons from whale bones (dul being the Femarctic word for whale) found in the subglacial caverns in the west. When the first Marixi were marched to the surface to fight one another to the death, each collected one of this sharpened dultax. After the advent of the Blaster, blunt force weapons got phased out of surface-assignment.

Today, young Toobers use single-stick and or hand-held dultaxi, for physical combat training. As Broods, they are assigned one single-stick dultax, while Guardia candidates receive a pair of portable dultaxi.