Weaponry and Armaments

Fleet-Issue weapons are used individually by officers of Ramaxian World Oceans, while Fleet-Service armaments, built into the bodies of cyber marine lifeforms can be operated remotely, or require operation by more than one officer.

Every member of World Oceans owns a Remote Hibernation Pack. A thickly padded mat coated in Coltanol, sensory nodes weaved into the fabric enable syncing with hive Faltrix. Hibernation Packs get used on the surface or between the poles when an officer cannot reach her assigned paxicol.

Orta Outreach Devices (called oodz by Marixi) are restricted lap-top units assigned to Divisional operatives. Oodz differ from the bivelox units sold to civilians because they can roll into a tube that is attached to the uniform waist; they also come connected only to subhive Pentox.

CBA’s or Collapsible Body Armor pills go to every Marixi serving World Oceans, including civilians. Second Generation scientists breaking down the Femakixirpaxul isolated the source code responsible for the lifeforms ability to break down into particles and then rearrange those particles back to their original form. This base system was the first of a long sequence called Transphasic Protocol, undeciphered by the Femmar. The CBA came from the core protein sequence*. A CBA pill, when crushed between the thumb and forefinger, emits a coat of intelligent energy that envelops its user. The energy then separates each cell and reforms it into a 2′ x 2′ pod. The flesh of the citizen is reshaped into a cartilage covered ball, while the skeleton forms the outer shell.

CBA’s save lives in case of catastrophic flooding, geological cataclysm, or as protection for Fleeters on the ground, during wartime engagement of large-scale energy weapons. The CBA is temporary, lasting only ten minutes, before reversing its processes, and returning the citizen back to her original form.

*Biochemist Velto Wram (10th Gen) built upon the extension sequence developed from the original code and designed a means of turning raw proteins into new and intricate forms of complex proteins. Her system redesigned the breaking down and reorganization processes of the CBA, with parsed cellular rebuilds based on external commands. Wram went on to revolutionize food preparation in Ramaxia.