Office of Marixi Administration

The Office of Marixi Administration is a branch of Ramaxian World Oceans under the shared custodianship of First Office and the Primary. The OMA manages all of the administrative processes within military outside of combat.

Hizak specialists assigned to OMA are responsible for the rights and subsidy of every Marixi serving World Oceans and the Citizen’s Guard. Specialists oversee training, credit acquisition, duty assignments, rank advancements, and doctrine development. OMA Hizak provide service Marixi (and Fleet life forms) throughout Ramaxia with access to legal, medical, or social services; this included pod-related issues and recycle-services.

The Office of Marixi Administration preceded the establishment of an actual World Oceans. Founded by the One-Thousand surface Hizaki that survived the Marixi Purge, recruitment to OMA service remains selective; Hizaki are chosen based on pod-dynamics (if they are the donation or sibling of a Marix). Hizaki that spend their donational years (age 0-8) in the presence of a Marix kerma or sibox develop a temperament suitable for service among them. Hizaki members of OMA are not “active duty”; they do not reside in barracks, nor do they serve in weaponized engagement.

The only exception to this is former Prime of Marixi Administration, Sofita Kul. After the death of her sibox, Kul entered trials for the Femitokon Project. Successfully maintaining the Femitokon Shell, Kul completed Toob and Brood training and competed in a Final Trial (among the Secondary Trialist of the Tenth Gen) to acquire rank and assignment to the Sorority of Defense. Sofita Kul is designated Hizak despite being the only twin (of a Marix) ever born to a femmar.


  • Primary | First Office
    • Fusa Kul | Ryo Uym
  • Prime Chair | Secondary
    • Ixo Gizul | Rizat Acari
  • Ten Committee
    • Tulat Yuxi
    • Galibo Nox
    • Lekada Holix
    • Wulitat Relo
    • Abidol Dak
    • Reba Kil
    • Ergal Grik
    • Dizo Litx
    • Pikata Tol
    • Bulata Sok
    • World Oceans Habitation Center
      • Barracks and Residency
    • Orta Offices of Credit and Subsidy
      • Credit Disbursements
      • Fleet Foodservice
    • World Oceans Weapons Licensing
      • Blaster Assignments, Field Testing
    • Orta Duty Assignment
      • Scheduling: Fleet, Air Command, Divisional.
    • Marixi Citizenry and Social Services
      • Operative Energy Care, Generational-Bluzsh Services
      • Citizen’s Bluzsh and Liberty Scheduling
    • Orta Health and Hygiene
      • Health Care Annex, Dental, Gashcolic
    • Marixi Training and Education
      • Ortosk Toob Program | Orta Training Corps
      • Guardia Training Center
      • Orta Academy | Mynu Centers Liaison
    • Office for Marixi Advocacy
      • Legal Services
    • World Oceans Pod Services
      • Bond, Pod, and Donational
    • Orta Separation and Termination
      • Administrative Furlough
      • End of Service Furlough
      • Life Cycle Choices