Marixi Habitats

Marixi sociability is defined by a genetic predisposition to defend. Raised from donational age with unit cohesion, for Marixi privacy is nonexistent, and group-living is standardized.

Orta housing is called Resident Barracks. These structures contain ‘Habitation Rings.’ In the Ring, an individual Marix retains a partitioned space called a ‘Hole.’ Each Hole contains one round cushion, one box for boots and belts, and hooks for uniforms and blasters. High ranking officers share a ring with five others; mid-ranking officers share a floor with fifteen (see image at left), while lower ranking officers live in a communal barracks with twenty-five. Non-ranking Fleet live in Fleet Housing where there are fifty Marixi per floor. Clustered around the barracks are communal gyms, cafeterias, and offices.

Though resident Marixi are subject to weekly inspections Habitation Rings are infamously boisterous. Social and hormonal factors have led to an atmosphere of heightened physical interaction, derogatory language, unfiltered conversation, and inappropriate sexual expression. These negative social behaviors are common because a Marix considers the Habitation Ring to be her home. It is a place where a Marix can relax and be herself after hours of performing within the strict social boundaries of service duty.