Prime Citizen Pageant

The Prime Citizen Pageant is beauty and adaptability contest held in the city of Toxis, since 2120.  Zaxiri contestants compete for the title of ‘Prime Citizen,’ and the prize is a lifetime of unlimited credit (not given to a Zaxir until she gives birth to a donation).

Held once a generation, the Prime Citizen Pageant began when Second Gen organizers learned of the helovx beauty pageants of the 20th and early 21st centuries. After the Second had ended their lives in generational termination, the Fifth revived the idea, urging members of the Mynu Academy of Genetics to enter whose genes made them viable for competition. After extensive interviews with the elite of the Zaxiri College, chosen Zaxiri advanced to a Citizenry Round to be voted on by viewers in what was the first-ever Bizaki Entertainment Bureau broadcast.

The Citizenry Round

The first phase of the Citizenry Round is for Bizaki appeal. Contestants are grouped together for a sit-down to field questions about culture and sports. The secondary phase for Hizaki is a modeling segment featuring participants dressed in bluzerie design wear and talking candidly about their desires and goals in life. The third stage of the Citizenry Round called the ‘The Walk-Down,’ sends contestants down a runway naked. This portion of the contest satisfies Marixi viewers, who find the other parts of the competition unnecessary when judging a proper Zaxiri.

The Subaki-run Prime Citizen Pageant Committee tallies votes cast by citizens from all over Ramaxia using their BEB devices, including those citizens at sea and on bases between the poles that must key in their vote using proper telecast codes.

Notable Prime Citizen winners have been 2120’s Kivo Dag, known for her fruitful partnership with Primary Pitana Kul, and 2201’s Ilo Cux, the first and only free-birth to go beyond the genetics round and win the citizenry vote over favorite Crixal Dox (Cux won by just twelve votes).