Male Collections and the Cessation of Design

The actions of the Sixth Ruling Gen following Femtrux’ evolution leading to the retraction of all gen-code’s assigned manually, set off a period of political turmoil known as the Patch Wars.

Compliance with Femtrux to restore generational balance resulted in the termination of an Eighth Gen and the forced production of a Ninth. Sixth Gen officials now in charge of the Generational Production Department were tasked to collect all males living freely within the citizenry; this purging of males gave rise to the Retraining Movement.

The Sixth Gen administration of Primary Ixo Kul ordered the first ‘collection’ of males during the Ninth Gen’s donational years, in 2165. A voluntary recall, hundreds of males born of the Sixth and disenfranchised Seventh had turned themselves in for removal from the citizenry. When the call delivered little to no Ninth Gen males, a ‘second-collection’ was enacted in 2172, accompanied by a campaign warning of the dangers of free-births, and how males were a sole cause of deaths in birthing. In the years leading up to 2176, an atmosphere of distrust developed throughout the domes as citizens were encouraged to look out for pods ‘housing their males’ (hiding them indoors from the time of their birth), and to report these males to their local Guardia.

  • Custodians in charge of these Citizenry Collection programs balked at the thought of terminating males of the Sixth and disenfranchised Seventh and made it clear they would not murder any donational age males of the Ninth. A reprieve came in the form of a condition known as Caste-Developmental Disorder. Despite initially being coded to exist only as Subaki and Zaxiri, males continued to develop beyond their design while in the makodux. Many males with Bizaki or Hizaki inclinations (there have never been a Marix born male) were said to have Caste-Developmental Disorder. Placed in a behavior modification program called the Retraining and Education Program, (RETRED) males were kept sequestered but alive, until the Ninth Gen came of age and entered into positions of power within the program. At the start of the 2180’s, males failing to retrain were turned over to Orta Main and assigned to serve as social units among Fleet enlisted. These surrendered males were called ‘Caste-Offs.’ Upon entering aggressive barracks society, caste-offs sought out sexual relationships with Marixi as a means of protection from abusive Marixi or established stronger cast-offs. Cast-offs took on passive roles to Fleeters, in exchange for safety within the barracks.  Due to this unpleasant life, high rates of suicide ensued.

When Ninth Gen Fusa Kul and her Committee took control of Ramaxia in 2187, they nationalized the GPD, taking away its autonomy in producing scheduled generations. After losing her bond partner during the delivery of a free-born donation, Primary Kul proposed outlawing free-births, setting the stage for Doctor Wox (Banto) Dag, former Secondary Chair of the GPD, and newly ascended Fifth Office, to enact a cessation of male design. In 2187, Kul’s administration passed the Balanced Citizenry Act. Authored by CM Wox Dag, it outlawed male existence in the citizenry.

The Ninth-Gen Collections were by far the most substantial, and sinister. Agents of the newly formed Terminal Sabotage Division were dispatched to “collect” males being covertly housed, for termination and recycle processing, in Orta.

After the population deficit brought on by the Sister-Suicides in 2209, Faltrix, the hive responsible for processing the dead, was taken offline by prime lifeform Femtrux. Femtrux had the power to interfere in mandated procedure only when imbalance threatened the citizenry; Femtrux mandated that maleness was not a valid cause for termination. Faltrix processed no dead male brought to her, nor would she process a living male without speaking to him first to assess if it was his intent to self-terminate. Unwilling to halt her collection and termination of males, CM Dag ordered the formation of the Femitokon Division, to weed out Ninth and Tenth Gen males that now disguised themselves as female to live among the populace (hiding in the skin).

No males exist the Eleventh Ramaxian Gen, produced in 2210-2211; there are also no free-born donations.

In 2212, then Utama Representative Laxum Jyr, discovered Terminal Sabotage, and the Femitokon Division. Jyr brought evidence before Cloister as to the existence of the Sorority of Defense, and the formation of Femitokon Division was proof that CM Wox Dag was ethically unfit to serve on the Ruling Platform. CR Jyr accused Dag of arbitrarily murdering males outside the scope of Femtrux. The Sernatae chose to regulate Terminal Sabotage, and allowed the continued existence of the Femitokon Division as all witnesses from this newly formed unit testified that no more males existed and thus, no male was ever disposed of in that fashion that Jyr accused; CM Dag remains on the Committee, and the Femitokon Division continues to operate.

It is believed that there are no more males left in Ramaxia. Based on the registry of Ninth and Tenth Gen donational examinations in the database of hive Oligax, and hive Faltrix records of those Ninth and Tenth Gen citizens deceased by way of unscheduled birthing, the Fifth Office estimates there are over 560 males still uncollected.

Femarctic Males