Femarctic Males in Ramaxian Society

Though born with viable gen-code’s, the social stratification of Ramaxian males left them powerless and dependent on the female members of their pod. Male dependence on the feminized citizenry for the most basic of necessities cultivated a heavily marginalized state. Deeming males of the Sixth Gen ill-suited to mingle with other donational age femmar, the Citizenry Vocational Annex barred them from caste-training. This social isolation made males the objects of curiosity for the youth of the Sixth Gen. As the gen sexually matured, males faced unhealthy scrutiny from their elders in the Fifth. Sexual maturity of the Sixth Gen males led to pregnancies among elder members of the Fifth. Charges leveled at elder citizens caught engaging male donations between ages 12 to 14 could not be brought by the Guardia Committee because males were not citizens in the eyes of Ramaxian Law.

When the Sixth Gen came of age, Fifth Gen politicians denied males the right to inherit or own property. Males were denied access to bluzsh, restaurants, garden clubs, and hizix bars; unaccompanied males encountered violence at bizaraks, and sporting events at the Fairgrounds. Laws also limited the citizenry’s access to males no longer living at home with their makers; no male could be outside the home without being covered from head to toe, in attire designed to hide their physical characteristics. If found out and about alone they were collected and placed into custody until a pod member or custodian could pick them up. Despite these conditions, Sixth Gen males enjoyed more freedom of any male after them.

Fifth Gen pregnancies of citizens that were not Zaxiri, all ended in the death of the citizen; this didn’t stop the floodgate of Sixth Gen citizens free of castehood at age 16, to seek out males their age for the sexual experience. The free-birth era officially began when Zaxiri of the Sixth Gen began a movement of enticing males from the prisons of their Fifth Gen makers homes, to live with them in the bluzsh. Once these males resided for a time, they prostituted themselves to make up for the lost time their young Zaxiri lovers accumulated with their unscheduled pregnancies. Many liberated left sex-work to care for the growing number of free-born donations that needed minding in the face of a citizenry with no place for unregistered donations.

The death count of Bizaki, Hizaki, and Subaki dying in birth, increased in tandem with the number of free-births. Sixth Gen members of the Zaxiri College transitioned the Gen-Code’s of the deceased to the donations they died birthing; these donations were registered manually as “Seventh Generation” citizens.

During the ascension of the Sixth Gen in 2146, the Fifth Gen led Generational Production Department made it mandatory to include a GPD assigned physician at all freeborn deliveries overseen by the Zaxiri College. When it became apparent that the task of the physician was to euthanize all donations born male, the Zaxiri College barred these assigned physicians from the birthing rooms.

The custodial dispute between the College and the GPD went before Fifth Gen Sernatae, Bulata Kul. Kul was caught in the power struggle between the incoming Sixth Ruling Platform, and the Fifth Gen dominated Chamber that had fought their ascension. Kul reminded the Zaxiri College that the GPD held jurisdiction over all forms of production, including free-born. Sixth-Gen administrators of the Zaxiri College entered the Cloister during its Third Session and demanded severance from the GPD, finding their policies against newborn femmar of the male gender to be overreach similar to those applied by original subject Uymras, when she forced Subaki to give birth against their will. After a contentious session, the Fifth Gen Chamber told the incoming Ruling Platform of the Sixth that if they wanted Fifth Gen acceptance of their ascension, they needed to produce a legitimate scheduled production via the GPD. In return, the Zaxiri College could return to be administered by the Prime Lab.

Femarctic Males

RAMAXIDOL (The Femarctic Era)