Carrier Permission and the Channel Grid

gliderchannelsCitizens can only obtain a glide with a Carrier-Permit, administered by the Fourth Office of the Committee. Licensing requires a written, and physical, trial. Due to the dexterity involved in operating glides, the majority of carrier-permit holders are Bizaki, Marixi, or Saki.

Beneath the ice, glider traffic runs within open air transport connectors independent of Ramaxian Citizenry Transit. Called Carrier Channels, glide traffic moves in the airspace between the domes within hollow tubes with energy buffers set in place to ensure no glide veers off course; the encased tubes allow for entry and exit into the domes.

Glider traffic within the domes is confined to Carrier-Lanes, to protect pedestrians. Carrier Channels also connect to Citizenry to Surface Transport Platforms; these are large elevators where glides sit stationary while being lifted to the surface. Direct glider entry to the surface occurs on private or civic Causeways.

Transporting on the surface has led to a culture of custom made glides that includes many activities on the tundra ice.