Bizaki Entertainment Bureau

Bizaki Entertainment Bureau is Ramaxia’s direct broadcast service provider, headquartered in Pikalit. It is the sole provider of recorded entertainment* for the Citizenry, which includes motion pictures, sports events, educational shows, social programming, short dramatic and comedic fare, and government broadcasts. (*Channel RaMx, the first interHive broadcasting channel, debuted two scripted series, Garden Flowers and The Mynu Collective, on its lineup in 2228.) 

Much of the programming distributed by the BEB is produced throughout the domes (most in Vanda) and delivered to broadcast centers in Pikalit, where it is then digitized and compressed. The resulting signal is encrypted by the BEB and sent to select appliance devices (BEBBLE | Filmark | Bivelox) that turn the signal into content.

Broadcasting to and from locations between the poles involves forwarding content signals to a geostationary orbital satellite and encrypting them to prevent its unauthorized reception by helovx-nations. Members of the citizenry can also view content in bars, restaurants, hotels, or in transit vehicles, through BEB standard transmission; also offered is remote service select centers in the AWI, and communal viewing areas on bases located between the poles, or off-world.