Port Antarctica

Port Antarctica is Ramaxia’s centralized embarking and departing center. Port Antarctica was built by the Fifth Ramaxian Gen to deter unwanted immigration south, by helovx hoping to avoid unstable governments.

All incoming cargo ships must check in at the Port, before heading south to Antarctica’s only commercial port, the Import/Export Center at Antarctica City. Port Antarctica is the starting location for any helovx woman appointed by her government, or corporation, to Ramaxia. Maximum retention time for women is 21 days; helovx males are not allowed on Port Antarctica, if found on any ship bound for Antarctica City, the ship is denied allowance to pass.

Administrative professionals from the Office of Helovx Advocacy (citizens educated in the languages, history, and cultures of the helovxi) staff the offices of Port Antarctica, and reside there until they are assigned elsewhere. There is two Marixi for every single OHA clerk, advocate, or administrator, living on Port Antarctica.

Office of Helovx Advocacy – Port Antarctica

  • Prime of Port Antarctica
    • CM2 Lekada Wram (9th Gen/Hizak)
  • Custodian of Port Operations
    • Fevi Brigitat (9th Gen/Hizak)
  • Prime of Export Safety
    • Riba Myan (9th Gen/Bizak)
  • Prime of Import Security
    • Gid Brigitat (9th Gen/Bizak)
  • Prime of Credit and Expenditures
    • Pita Wulitat (10th Gen/Hizak)
  • Surface Operational Detachment
    • Prime Komad Daka Kil
    • Bakiprime Deltad Polvix
      • PAC Goryum