Voskatok Cargo Vessels

Ramaxian Commercial Transport is a docking yard located in Antarctica City to house the fleet of Voskatok Cargo Vessels, created by the Fifth Gen for trade and commerce between the poles. The VC series are entirely inorganic [made of tharspin], and operate with a minimal crew. Their primary function is the global transport of import/export goods and raw and manufactured materials. VC’s interact with helovx owned ports outside of Ramaxia on a daily basis and are the most well known of Ramaxia’s ocean-going ships.

  • VC Pacifica : Ports of Call – Tokyun, Yazhou | Port Maui, Aotearoa
  • VC Atlantica: Ports of Call – Port Virgina, North America
  • VC Africanus: Port Nile South, African Trisect
  • VC Marianas: Ports of Call – Ullaan, Yazhou
  • VC Arctica:  Ports of Call – Port Yukon, North America
  • VC Baltika: Ports of Call – Port Bystra, Uralskey Island