Antarctica West Islands


The Antarctica West Islands, or the AWI, are four landmasses that were once the highest points of the Antarctica Peninsula, until the melting of the Thwaites Glacier led to the breaking up of the Larsen, Wilkins, George IV, and Ronne Ice Shelves, which occurred over time during the mid to late 21st century.

The islands house four surface facilities that serve as exclusive centers for Femarctic interaction with helovxi. The islands are also home to an extensive population of polar mammals and sea life. After volcanic eruptions destroyed the last of the populous crabeater seals, the femmar sought to preserve remaining pinnipeds species by creating icy reserves for them; the main island holding Port Antarctica underwent small scale forced glaciation to create a massive inland habitat for various species of seal. The waters of the Ramx`atol (romsk-ah-toll) contain large quantities of engineered fish, squid or krill for a pinniped population that now exceeds 80 million

Though protected by World Oceans, three of the islands are administered by the Office of Human Advocacy and are thus under the jurisdiction of the Second Office of the Committee. The fourth island, staffed by representatives of Ramaxia’s Export Guild, falls under the administrative control of the Third Office of the Committee. (Use Menu Below for Entries to Individual Islands).