The Jungwa Amazons

The Jungwanian Amazons

In February of 2124, the Jungwa Collective of Yazhou sent an all-female delegation to Port Antarctica. These women were the first to open official diplomatic relations with the femmar, after hearing of the Greenland Base Incident. They were also the first allowed to venture beyond Port Antarctica; they were jokingly dubbed ‘The Amazons,’ by other human nations because everyone from the ship’s crew to the diplomats, were women.

The first to approach the Fifth-Gen Marixi stationed at Port Antarctica was a woman named, Ming-Torani. Torani communicated her desire to speak with a ‘thinker,’ about opening up trade between their nations. Torani brought the Marixi carbonated beverages, dried fruit, salted nuts, and a barrel of pale lager. Realizing the women wasn’t asking for help (as the Brasileiras had), the Prime of Port Antarctica, then a Marix named Wulitat Dag, welcomed the rest of her diplomatic corps without incident.

Second Gen CM4 Fusada Jyr ordered the ship guided to the first island and the women willing to disembark were taken to a place called Surface Medical. Here, all twelve women of the diplomatic corps, remained for months, undergoing social indoctrination; they were allowed to report back to their ship daily, to contact their government, via radio. Those diplomats cleared of disease went on to stay in the newly constructed Antarctica City. Antarctica City was a beautiful metropolis, similar to a pre-impact world they’d only seen in images. Here the women met with Committee member Fusada Jyr, and a host of elite citizens, owners of businesses related to food and drink.

On March 8, 2125, the Jungwanian delegates returned to Yazhou with diplomatic relations established. In the years to come, they would acquired infrastructure technology and vaccines, while Ramaxia built an extensive base within the Kuril Trench.