Recompense for The Dead

The matriarchal Brasileiras, women descended from the West-African Gabonese that fled Africa at the start of the Dark Years, had driven a group of morally corrupt landowners from the island by taking over their plantations and lithium mines. The wealthy families had been the last of their culture and survived the post-impact years by enslaving what little remained of the native Brazilian population. After the Brasileiras had lived among them for many years, the natives staged a coup, driving the wealthy families to the established Texan Territory.

On January 7, 2122, Brasilia declared itself a nation. Not long after their declaration, the newly formed ‘NAU’ sent notice to Brasilia of their intent to harvest lithium; those mines nationalized by the Brasileiras, were being reclaimed by the descendants of the original owners, real Brazilians.

Brasilia held no standing navy and lacked the people to staff a defense. On February 1, 2122, twenty-two-year-old Irmali Ithengui arrived on the rocky shore of what would become Port Antarctica and begged the bald-hulking soldiers posted there, for an audience with one of their ‘thinkers.’ When refused an audience, she remained on the shore, screaming the tale of how the Femmar were responsible for nearly wiping out her culture during Atlantic exodus. The brutes had killed every man that might’ve protected them from the new men coming to kill them. For this, Ithengui demanded recompense. Impressed by her courage, the Prime of the detachment assigned, future Fifth Gen Primary Pitana Kul, urged her kerma, Primary Yam Kul, to send her Second Office to sit down with Ithengui. CM2 Gor Uym met with the woman and apologized for the violence perpetrated against her people during the years of transition, and offered farming technology in return for the disadvantage. Primary Kul’s stance, however, was that Ramaxia would not get involved in conflicts between human-nations.

Ithengui returned to Brasilia, defeated.

Two days before the estimated arrival the NAU, a complement of Vostok-Class vessels from Ramaxia, docked at Brasilia’s main harbor. Led by young Promad Pitana Kul, she asked where the Brasileiras wanted their new farming equipment and soil. When the cargo ships escorted by the NAU’s fledgling navy tried to land at Brasilia, they found no room. Attempts to make landfall elsewhere on the island proved futile as men were captured, assaulted, and sometimes killed, by the visiting Marixi. After many months of constant refusals at the port from the harbor mistress, and unwilling to spark full-scale hostilities with the femmar, the NAU abandoned its interest in Brasilia.

Brasilia maintains a friendly trade relationship with Ramaxia, and the Femarctic seafloor base of Nazca Ridge serves as a deterrent to other helovx nations wishing to take control of Brasilia’s vast lithium deposits. Ramaxian technology allows for the cultivation of cocoa, coffee, and sugar, exports of these rare post-impact commodities finance Brasilia’s socialist government.