The Fifth Ramaxian Generation

Considered the ‘Greatest Ruling Platform,’ the administration of Pitana Kul, Fyla Banto, Fusada Uym, Lekad Dag, Laxum Wram, and Eppis Jyr, enacted intensive civic-expansion, institutionalized pod-culture, and mastered helovxi outreach. They and their citizenry established many of the current caste-inclusive cultural norms such as dining, music, sports, and the arts. Coined .the Robust Generation’ by journalist Koba Julo, their time is known as the Robust Era. It ended Primary Pitana Kul, and Third Office Lekad Dag died in a landing accident on Tharso.

The first produced without the Femakixirpaxul, the Fifth matured with a drive to expand, explore, and make the planet a better place. Noted scholar Sofita Kul opined that the Fifth inherited a Ramaxia ready-made for progress by the Second Gen:

The Fifth’s perpetual state of accomplishment came from an established era of progress (…) success, and overcompensation, was inevitable.

Pitana Kul oversaw a massive redesign of Orta Main and the establishment of the Civilian dome. She abolished the surface-scout program and allowed failing marixi to seek sporting careers beyond Fleet assignment. Along with Lekad Dag and Laxum Wram, she modernized Ramaxia’s extensive highway system and developed Dome Transit.

Laxum Wram subsidized technology disbursement that led to broadband entertainment, and joining forces with Dag, developed the first off-world colonies. Fusada Uym created a more welcoming Antarctica West Islands by establishing regular trade with helovx nations. An actual Age of Diplomacy led to cultural exchanges limited to helovx women, though Eppis Jyr’s Prime Lab would create the first Femarctic Male.

Modern scholars note that the architectural and cultural achievements of the Fifth cannot negate their ethical negligence in creating the Femarctic Male. Another failure offsetting their domestic accomplishments was the political unwillingness to allow the Sixth their reproductive autonomy.

RAMAXIDOL (The Femarctic Era)