The Fifth Ramaxian Generation

The ascendancy of the Fifth Ramaxian Generation occurred when these citizens were 23 years of age. Young Pitana Kul, Fyla Banto, Fusada Uym, Wram Dag, Laxum Wram, and Eppis Jyr, are regarded as the ‘Greatest Ruling Platform’ Ramaxia has ever known because of their intensive civic-expansion, institutionalized pod-culture, and helovxi outreach. The Fifth are responsible for the development of the caste-inclusive cultural norms of dining, music, sports, and the arts. The Fifth are cited by journalist Koba Julo as the Robust Generation, and their time of rule, the Robust Era.

The Robust Era came to an end when Primary Pitana Kul and her CM3 Wram Dag died in a landing accident on Tharso. When the remaining members of the Fifth Gen Ruling Platform stepped down and passed their offices to their Sixth Gen heirs, the Fifth Gen dominated Chamber opposition to the ascension, ushering in the Age of Imbalance.

The Fifth Gen were the first produced without the Femakixirpaxul, and the only to be raised primarily by what would be considered, elder femmar. The Fifth Gen drive to expand, explore, and accomplish, is cited by many historians to be a subliminal need to make Ramaxicon a better place, as a gift to their makers in the Second Gen.

Scholars like Doctor Sofita Kul feel otherwise, noting that the Fifth inherited a Ramaxia ready-made for progress by the Second Gen. The perpetual state of accomplishment came from an established era of progress, the privilege and overcompensation of Fifth was inevitable. Kul’s disdain aside, many modern scholars in the Eleventh note that the architectural and cultural achievements of the Fifth Gen do not compare with their ethical negligence in creating the Femarctic Male; their political unwillingness to allow the Sixth Gen their reproductive autonomy is cited as another failure that threatens to offset their domestic accomplishments.

RAMAXIDOL (The Femarctic Era)