Sister Suicides: The Population Deficit

When many of the Cit’tilgul (Legal Suicide) continued at Recycle-Centers run by hive Faltrix, it became apparent to Ninth Gen leaders that Femtrux would stay true to her word and never again willfully interfere with the function of the citizenry. Femtrux had done nothing to override the current Ruling-Gen mandate despite its disastrous cause, nor did she curtail the suicides.

  • Femtrux’ only directive during the Suicides was ordering the Collective to block any attempts by Ramaxian agencies to monitor the private residences of elder citizens.

By hibernation of 2208, there were no more elders left in Ramaxia to self-terminate.

A post-hibernation census carried out by Femtrux indicated a severe population deficit, enabling the life form to enact the Population-Deficit Protocol. Femtrux ordered hive Oligax to remove from the Genetic Harvester, the base material of the Fifth Gen, alerting members of the Generational Production Department of an impending generational production.

When Fifth Officer Wox Dag (now sole custodian of the GPD) entered the interface chamber of Oligax to demand an explanation, Oligax informed her of the Population-Deficit Protocol implemented by Femtrux. First Officer Ryo Uym consulted with hive Tolitat and learned that the Second Ramaxian Gen had armed Femtrux with the power to supersede any Ruling-Gen directive in the face of extreme generational imbalance.

The Generational Production Department issued a call for patch collection beginning Dubol 1, 2209; patches would be collected only from those citizens of the Tenth Ramaxian Gen. During Patch Collection, the Fifth Office, Wox Dag, decreed a subsequent year of production among the Tenth, to follow the one mandated by Oligax. At the first Cloister Session of 2209, the Committee supported the Second-Year productions, as did the CR Chamber (all but Tenth Gen CR’s, Laxum Jyr, and Yegi Das).

The next order of business was dealing with the dead. Citing them all cases of blatant Zish’tilgul, First Officer, Ryo Uym, ordered the bodies of all 16,857 citizens be abandoned on the surface*, as law dictated; the Tenth Gen in the CR Chamber shouted their challenges to Uym’s edict before the rest of the Committee could vote to support it. The Committee remained unanimous in supporting Uym, and Femtrux gave no interference when the Ninth-Gen majority of the Chamber, allowed it.

  • Many citizens of the Tenth Gen took it upon themselves to identify, wrap, and then bury elders of relation, in tombs located throughout the Ramax Glacier, over the cities of Pikalit. Tenth Gen citizens gather with their donations in the Eleventh, and visit these sites annually, in remembrance. The eight-miles of glacial-catacombs stand without a plaque or marker, due to a majority decision of the Ninth Gen Primary and her Committee, to abolish all recognition of the site.

The Sister Suicides