Sister Suicides: The Impact

Attempts to investigate the socio-psychological effects of the Suicides on the citizenry, using data obtained from therapeutic records, blind media polling, and secondary data collected from fieldwork interviews undertaken throughout the continent, conclude that the consequences of the Suicides are varied and complex, and its cause idealized.

In her work on the subject, Koba Julo wrote:

  • On the surface, elders terminating their lives for the sake of another’s right to produce, seems noble, but the truth is less impressive. For the elder Fifth and Sixth, and their Seventh Gen minority, suicide was a self-imposed punishment for the fear, resentment, and discord that led to the production of the Ninth Ramaxian Gen.

-They Died with Dignity: Covering the Suicides (Julo-2210)

Julo’s criticism feels warranted, as the suicides appeared to have little effect on them overall. Polls taken in the decades following the Suicides revealed indifference and anger among the Ninth, at those deemed too weak to accept that their place in Ramaxian society was forfeit. The suicide’s impact on the Tenth Ramaxian was both social, and cultural; widening the already expansive divide between them and their makers, the loss of their elders bound them closely to their donations, in the Eleventh.

Julo, while defending the perceived apathy of her gen, coined terms that came to define the generations:

  • In the hearts of the Polluted Ninth, we replaced our elders twofold. First, we gave them a Pure Generation to prefer over us. Second, we took the place of those dead citizens they resented, giving them a new legion of relatives to despise. 

We of the Tenth do not protest nor do we collectively voice our needs, or demand our share. We know our appeals for consideration, whispered or shouted, will be discounted. We recognize that muteness is balance in a world of emotive fear. Like the glaciers above, we move forward in stealth, a Silent Generation not because we are meek, but because we endure.

-They Died with Dignity: Covering the Suicides (Julo-2210)

The Sister Suicides