Sister Suicides

From Dubol 1, 2206, to Jixak of 2208, every member of the Fifth, Sixth, and disenfranchised Seventh, self-terminated to protest the Ninth Gen’s decision to postpone production of the Eleventh Generation. The documented number of citizens lost to suicide was 16,857.

Tenth Gen Denied their Fifth Article Right

In the third Cloister Session of 2204, GPD Prime Chair Riba Wygz put forth a motion to halt patch collection among the Tenth Ramaxian Gen, until a sustainable plan could be enacted to rectify the generational imbalance. Her motion, seconded by Fifth Committee chair Wox Dag, found it’s third with Second chair, Lekada Wram. The elder Citizenry Representative’s of Pikalit and Vanda protested the motion, and Utama CR, Ryl Jyr, cited that any long-term plan that involved violating the Fifth Article rights of any citizen, was no plan she would endorse.

Sernatae Yir Gizul called for a suspension of the motion, and Prime Chair Wygz withdrew it.

In 2205, elections throughout Ramaxia had altered the generational makeup of the chamber, giving the Ninth Ramaxian Gen a Primada Wall. In the Final Session of 2205, the Primary and Committee unanimously declared that the production of an Eleventh Generation was on indefinite hold. First Office, Ryo Uym, stated the Second Generation delivered the Fifth in their elder years, so she saw no harm in the Tenth Gen waiting. The motion passed with a majority in the CR Chamber; Utama CR Ryl Jyr was the lone dissenter.

The Sister Suicides