Project Suvaxicon

Project Suvaxicon involves the colonization of Suvayul (h. Enceladus), a small ice-covered moon in orbit around Suvaxicon (Saturn), for the purpose of harvesting it’s molecular hydrogen dense water, an essential component in the operation of long-range stellar oxygen-processors.

The first non-crewed probe to arrive at Suvayul was the Fifth-Gen built Sok Aruda I. The Sok returned to Galtib station on Tharso in 2168 with samples of the icy moon’s water plumes. Astrobiologists found Suvayul’s water rich in titanium filtered molecular hydrogen, an essential component in long-term orbital station life support.

In 2179, young Ninth Gen kyrs propulsion and thermal engineer, Rasa Jyr, designed a ship around Ninth Gen energist Wuli Jakix much larger orbital sphere engine. Maximizing the size of the conducting sphere created by her elder kerma in the Fifth, Sofita Jakix, hyper-condensed the kyrsol derived kyron energy, enabling propulsion at the speed of light.

Project Suvaxicon’s first vessel was named Woxidag I, after Rasa Jyr’s bond partners – mission leader Pita Dag, and physician Wox Banto. During its inaugural launch, in 2184, the Woxidag I attempted to assist the cargo ship Rubo IV. The Rubo, carrying the Sixth Gen’s first tharspaxi payload, suffered gravitational damper failure and was on its way toward crashing into Ramaxicon. The Woxidat I was destroyed along with the Rubo, burning up as it was unable to slow the descent of the Rubo.

Rasa Jyr left Project Suvaxicon shortly after, but upon ascending to a position on the Committee, funded the Project’s move to Tharso. In 2188, the Dag I, carrying Project Suvaxicon’s team of engineers and pilots, launched from Galtib II, It arrived at the Suvayul in 2218, carrying an industrial size Prefabrication Matrix designed to construct portions of what will become the first interstellar seafloor base.