Channel Ramx


Channel RaMx (an initialism of Ramaxi Entertainment) is the first independent network broadcasting exclusively on the interHive. It focuses on variety programming aimed at the Tenth and Eleventh Generation of Ramaxian viewers and is operated by Julo Box Productions out of Antarctica City, and jointly owned by Cux-Wram Investments and Banto Holdings.

Day: Golbax | Date: 13 Yubol | Year: 2227

Cit-Bluz Central (Reality – Erotic)
0800 Hours – 0900 Hours

S3-Ep 15: Another exciting night in East Toxis! Tonight’s wet spot is Daxakil’s where we speak to programming director Urat Zag, a Tenth Gen bizak with some strange stories from the days when the brothel was under hizak ownership. We check out the dance floor with Daxakil’s infamous hizvaki, Agil Ru, and join the ride-game with Daxakil residents Ilaz Gwo and Yix Wulitat.

Orta Patrol (Vocational Reality – Military)
1000 Hours – 1100 Hours

S2-Ep 12: Surface Watch Facility Toks discovers a uymtik pack roaming too close to the highway near Surface Platform Orto. Off duty finds our marixi team at a surface bizarak organized by bizaki from Orta Biologic.

Ramaxian Mid Day (News)
1200 Hours – 1230 Hours

In-depth coverage of news throughout the domes.

Ice at the Fairgrounds (Sports News)
1230 Hours – 1300 Hours

The 2227 Podcresting season has wrapped, and crest-casters Sigax Wygz and Tirg Tol discuss the season’s Eleventh-Gen breakout star, Zebi Bol, of the Vanda Megalodon, and how the prime scorers of the Pikalit Tharspinners may be at risk with the loss of their Tenth-Gen carrier, Riba Dox.

Sound of the Domes (Reality-Music)
1300 Hours – 1400 Hours

Season Premier: The marxvel scene in Vanda is dominated by the hard beating tonux of Talk 2 Me, the raunchy zaxir-led band Surface Suck Off, and the melodic kyrs-bido stylings of the Vanda Scourge, led by the talented bizak, Fezil Banto.

Fairgrounds Live (Spectator Reality)
1400 Hours – 1500 Hours

S1-Ep 14: Watching the Vanda Snubfins and the Toxis Tursiops live from Glacial Box 56, with a rowdy crew of bizaki from Citizenry Transit Sanitation, and a group of hizaki administrators from Tol Textiles.

In the Mines (Reality – Vocational)
1500 Hours – 1600 Hours

S3-Ep 2: It’s day 65 for new bizaki arrivals at Tharso (Ixo Gurtat, Obizo Ex, and Ryo Zol). Ryo is taken to the main tharspaxi quarry four miles south of station Galtib I. Obizo learns of an interesting alternative to creating water, while Ixo finds her bizaki elders’ interest in the group of newly assigned subaki, amusing.

Subliminal (Comedy)
1600 Hours – 1630 Hours

S1 – Ep4: Two morally unconventional Pure-Gen subaki (Bavi Zikat and Urox Uzee) navigate the rough seas of critical society while toiling away as kaltzin at a popular Garden Club in Vanda.

Tonight’s episode ‘Bounce’ finds the duo desperate to see their favorite pikavel artist, but both are too short on credit to score tickets. When Bavi discovers the rapper will be performing at a local citbluz, the pair undo their braids, pack on the pounds, and decide to hit the bluz.

The Mynu Collective (Drama – Comedy)
1630 Hours – 1700 Hours

S1 – Ep4 Hizaki geneticists Pixo and Fita are at the top of their prospective fields, but social situations continue to complicate things.

‘The Bruising Theorem’, A Guardia begins cohabitation with an hizak neighbor in their high-rise. Pixo and Fita haven’t given marixi much thought outside watching them ride zaxiri at the citbluz. When the marix strikes up a conversation with Pixo while jogging the roof top garden track, Pixo decides she’s partial to muscular bodies, while Fita decides an intervention is in order…

Between the Poles (Vocational Reality – Military)
1700 Hours – 1730 Hours

S4 – Ep 16: Join Helat Cristi inside the life form Cherry (TCS Chironex), swimming beneath the Raxuda`acarol with Nautical Pod Three and Sword Pod Bulata, as they swim the northern polar waters of the Prime Lab’s juvenile lifeform hatchery.

Skimming the Crop (Reality – Vocational/Donational)
1730 Hours – 1800 Hours

Ep 3: The trictan harvest at a Dirtoxian Coastal Plain plantation owned by Teagal Sustenance. Watch as the flooding brings in krill that lure in the seals to knock free the hardened blooms.

Lush Abodes (Reality – Culture)
1800 Hours – 1830 Hours

S12 – Ep 4: Interior designer Dix Zulat is put to the test when an hizak client requests her home have a surface-feel.

Darwin Awards (Reality – Helovx)
1830 Hours – 1900 Hours

Ep 97: Digicasts submitted by citizens living between the poles capture helovx doing what they do best: devolving as a species.

Subaki World (News – Subaki)
1900 Hours – 2000 Hours

S2 – Ep 7: Yir Irgat examines subaki drawn to elders; Ilo Ubil highlights an alarming trend of forgoing bondship by many Eleventh Gen subaki; Crix Galro reports on the continued resistance of some Garden Clubs to allow non-subak patrons.

Classic Digicast (Feature Film)
2000 Hours – 2200 Hours

“Do You Love Her?” In this courtroom drama, a seasoned defense advocate (Ribat Jakix) believes that older subak client (Ilati Sok in her digicast debut) is not guilty of murdering her bond partners.

Behind the Markee (Celebrity Interviews)
2200 Hours – 2300 Hours

Pel Jyr’s was the face they grew up with at the Subaki Citizenry Center, but the Ninth-Gen’s life has been anything but easy. Koba Julo sits down with the former actress to discuss those she’s lost; her best friend Daka Zil; her donation Pitasa; and the very public death of Pita Dag.

Ramaxian News at Midnight (News)
2300 Hours – 0100 Hours

In-depth coverage of news throughout the domes.

Ice at the Fairgrounds (Sports News)
0130 Hours – 0200 Hours

Second showing of the day’s broadcast.

Subliminal (REPEAT) (Comedy)
0230 Hours – 0300 Hours

S1 – Ep4: Bounce
Second showing of the day’s broadcast.

The Mynu Collective (Drama – Comedy)
0300 Hours – 0230 Hours

S1 – Ep4: The Bruising Theorem
Second showing of the day’s broadcast.

Darwin Awards (Reality – Helovx)
0230 Hours – 0300 Hours

Second showing of the day’s broadcast.

Sound of the Domes (Reality-Music)
0300 Hours – 0400 Hours

Season Premier: Second showing of the day’s broadcast.

Behind the Markee (Celebrity Interviews)
0400 Hours – 0500 Hours

Pel Jyr: Second showing of the day’s broadcast.

Subaki World (News – Subaki)
0500 Hours – 0600 Hours

Second showing of the day’s broadcast.

Ramaxian Day Rise (News)
0600 Hours – 0800 Hours

In-depth coverage of news throughout the domes.