The Ramaxian interHive


The neural lifeform known as Intragux maintains a continental network of interconnected documents and resources, linked by hivemarks (called hivers by the citizenry); this platform is known as the interHive. The interHive strongly resembles the helovx ‘internet’ of the 21st century, but with far more connective capability due to the cyber-neurological functionality of Intragux.

Intragux was born as a result of Femtrux ejecting a portion of her neural matter to test the full extent of a bioware created to help her incorporate the Ramaxian Communication System. Upon inception, Intragux and her containment chamber were placed into orbit around Ramaxicon until the advent of the kyrsbrain allowed her to downsize and maintain a stationary orbit over the southern polar region.

*Critics claim that Femtrux created Intragux as a means of omniscient social custodianship of the citizenry, but others cite its creation as freeing Femarctic creativity and allowing for greater pan-generational connectivity.

Like Femtrux, Intragux is the only hive whose physicality can exist outside the material realm; her consciousness is the world upon which the interHive exists. Every academic office, military base, operations center, and private residence, contains an intrarouter that connects it to Intragux. Prime-Intrarouters, clustered by location or organization, connect individual users to social networks, educational data, literature, and video. Multimedia and interactive content includes literature, film, games, office applications, geolocation programs, social applications, and scientific demonstrations.

Hive content such as that broadcasted by the Bizaki Entertainment Bureau, is contained on sync-tiers called Bands. The BEB broadcasts multiple Channels to BEBBLE units throughout Ramaxia, but only select channels are viewed on interHive bands.

Content creators and broadcasters independent of the BEB have their own interHive bands. One example is the popular Channel RaMx, the most watched broadcast station amongst the Eleventh Gen. Streaming music, literature, social-media, and communal forums, exist on band tiers accessible on any device that connects to the interHive, while the Filmark allows users to connect to the interHive from anywhere in Ramaxia, and outside of their homes.

15 Most Popular interHive Bands
(based on pan-gen traffic on all device platforms)

  • BIZAKI ENTERTAINMENT BUREAU (97% of hive traffic)
    • (interHive Bands 1-10)
      • Digicast and News Content
  • PIKALIT COMMUNICATION SERVICE (96% of hive traffic)
    • (interHive Bands 16-19)
      • Music Content
  • BLUZTIX (94% of hive traffic)
    • (interHive Bands 32-42)
      • Citizen’s Bluzsh Networking
  • FEMVEL COLLECTIVE (91% of hive traffic)
    • (interHive Bands 11-15)
      • Music and Performance Content
  • DOKKER CENTRAL (90% of hive traffic)
    • (interHive Band 43)
      • Media Sharing/Pornographic
  • THE ICE FLOW (90% of hive traffic)
    • (interHive Band 30)
      • Social Media/Social Networking
  • BOUNCE HOUSE (88% of hive traffic)
    • (interHive Band 44)
      • Media Sharing/Pornographic
  • SUBOLAX GARDEN (85% of hive traffic)
    • (interHive Band 21)
      • Social Media/Media Sharing
  • BLUE BELLY (85% of hive traffic)
    • (interHive Band 49)
      • Media Sharing/Pornographic
  • THE SLUSH BALL (83% of hive traffic)
    • (interHive Band 46)
      • Media Sharing/Pornographic
  • ORTA BATTALION HUB (80% of hive traffic)
    • (interHive Bands 22-29)
      • Social Networking- Orta
  • CHANNEL RAMX (77% of hive traffic)
    • (interHive Band 50)
      • Digicast, News, and Performance Content
  • TENGEN IGA (74% of hive traffic)
    • (interHive Band 47)
      • Media Sharing/Pornographic
  • GOOZ IGA (70% of hive traffic)
    • (interHive Band 48)
      • Media Sharing/Pornographic
  • THE DIGGER HOLE (65% of hive traffic)
    • (interHive Band 31)
      • Media Sharing/Social Media