Prime Evolution of Femtrux


In 2145 genetic-energist Opix Uym fit Femtrux with an adaptable bioware in the hope that Femtrux might incorporate the Ramaxian Communication System into her operational process. While integrating the RCS into her mainframe, Femtrux streamlined its function and developed a separate cerebral lifeform without the aid of the Prime Lab. The new hive called herself, Intragux, but in the course of processing Uym’s bioware, Femtrux evolved a developmental sentience.

Femtrux’ first act with the capacity to perceive and experience subjectively, was to review the relationship between the Collective, and the femmar outside the sect of the pax`umal. Minor changes occurred in various protocol operations throughout Ramaxia, but on Dubol 2, 2150, hive Oligax disappeared. Femtrux had discovered vast disparities in Oligax’ interface processes; the most disturbing of these was the manual registration of free-born femmar. Registering unscheduled donations as a Seventh Generation threatened the balance of generational rule. Femtrux shared with Oligax her newfound sentience, and when Oligax returned to function, she purged the Gen Codes of every citizen registered manually after the scheduled production of the Sixth Gen. The Collective’s refusal to issue new Gen Codes or reinstate the purged, set off The Patch Wars.

After the Sixth Ruling Gen had complied to a stipulation by Femtrux to produce a scheduled generation, Femtrux agreed to never interfere in matters of production or the politics. Holding true to her edict, Femtrux did not intervene on behalf of the Sixth Gen, when the Ninth Gen seized control of Ramaxia by force, in 2186.