Patch Wars: Sixth Gen Defiance

The mandatory Patch Collection among the Sixth was to begin at the start of 2152, but many Sixth Gen refused to take part. Things came to a head when Sixth Gen geneticists at the GPD destroyed the first clutch of donated patches (from the Fifth Gen) before their journey to the Zaxiri College. Outraged at the destruction of a citizenry-DNA, Sernatae Kul ordered the offending geneticists arrested. When Primary Kul had the geneticists collected and brought to Orta, under her protection, Bulata Kul rescinded the warrants. Disenchanted and disgusted, Fifth-Gen Sernatae Bulata Kul ritually committed suicide at a Recycle Center, leaving no donation to take her place.

After Sixth-Gen Hizak Yax Gizul, Prime of the Office of Marixi Administration took the role of Sernatae, Primary Kul and her Committee pushed forth a motion for patch collection among Seventh-Gen citizens free-born (for birthing by Zaxiri of the Fifth and Sixth). Key members of the Fifth-Gen ruled Chamber demanded Yax Gizul as Sernatae refuse the motion, but she did not. The Production of the Eight Ramaxian Gen commenced as Zaxiri of the Fifth and Sixth Gen registered for donuxi to be created from the Seventh. The Sixth-Gen controlled registrars in the Zaxiri College used the gen code of the implanted birthers, negating the need to register the disenfranchised patch information during the design-phase.

no_image_available_3The College had failed to appreciate Femtrux’ newfound sentience. After the creation of over fourteen-thousand donuxi, Femtrux again pulled Oligax offline. Oligax returned an hour later, requiring the Gen-Codes of those whose patches created the scheduled donuxi inventory of the Eighth Ramaxian Generation. Registrars reluctantly complied, supplying only those codes from citizens of the Fifth and Sixth who’d donated patches. Femtrux found only 18% of the newborns eligible for registration as an Eighth Ramaxian Generation and purged the remaining from the system. Technicians of the College removed the inventory of fertilized donuxi from Oligax’ stores before Femtrux could initiate Generational Termination Protocol.

The Sixth Gen Ruling Platform convened a Special Cloister Session to offer the Chamber their resignations; if the Fifth wanted the Sixth Gen cabinet out, they would have to agree to allow their heirs in the Seventh to take their places, or no one would rule Ramaxia. Citizenry Representatives of the Fifth-Gen had no choice but to rebuke the resignation because the age-appropriate heirs in the Seventh had no Gen-Code. Committee member K’no Wram demanded the decision to vacate their seats deferred to Femtrux, and Sernatae Gizul allowed it. The Ruling Platform hoped that Femtrux would choose balance over chaos, and recognize Seventh Ramaxian Gen, and save their donuxi.

Unfortunately, during this Cloister Session, Seventh-Gen Tax Kul, Ixo’s Marix donation, born of her sibox, destroyed a portion of the Eighth Gen donuxi she’d been tasked to guard at a cryogenic lab in Orta. Upon realizing what she’d done, Tax committed suicide in her birthers residence; Tax’ donation destroyed, and Ixo’s donuxi part of the destroyed batch, Femtrux ceased to recognize Ixo Kul as Primary, right in the middle of the Cloister Session. Desperate to remain in power, Kul put forth a motion to alter the Articles of Citizenry, but Sixth-Gen Sernatae Gizul, once an ally, stopped all proceedings. Ixo Kul and K’no Wram were no longer eligible to remain on the Platform, and needed to vacate the Cloister, immediately.