Patch Wars: Femtrux Evolves

In 2145, Committee Member and bio-geneticist Opix Uym incorporated the Ramaxian Communication System into prime-hive Femtrux, fitting the lifeform with an adaptable organic network, configured to support the inclusion of the RCS into her mainframe. The result was an evolutionary leap that created Intragux, a vast ‘citizenry social network’ that not only connected the citizenry as never before but expanded Femtrux’ consciousness.

Armed with sentience similar to that of the Femaki’xirpaxul, Femtrux took Oligax offline on Dubol 2, 2150 when she discovered the femmar-made Generational Code Transition Protocol responsible for reassigning the codes of the deceased to thousands of citizens produced outside the scheduled program of birthing. Femtrux enhanced Oligax’ logic program to recognize the Articles of Citizenry and to appreciate the intricacies of generational balance and government.

Oligax returned to function three days later, having purged the Generational Code Transition Protocol. Its absence led to the parsing of all donational-registration entries entered manually. Fearing Oligax had malfunctioned, the paxum in charge of Oligax tried to reinstate the Protocol, but to no avail. Oligax, through her paxum, informed the Prime of the GPD that all programming related to manual registration of donations was no longer available. Opix Uym inquired of Femtrux and her paxum if Oligax had malfunctioned; Femtrux informed her paxum to tell Uym that every citizen registered as a ‘Seventh Generation,’ had been voided because conception outside the jurisdiction of the GPD was not valid.

Left without viable Gen Codes, the young citizens of the Seventh Gen could not earn credit, go to school, and being no longer recognized by the Collective, required their elders to perform all interactions throughout Ramaxia that required the Collective.

Primary Ixo Kul feared they had another Femaki`xirpaxul on their hands and ordered the Paxul`max to sever the organic portions of hive Oligax psionic processors; thus cutting her off from Femtrux. Opix Uym told the paxum to refuse Primary Kul’s order. In a fit of anger, Primary Kul attempted to have Uym arrested, but Sernatae Bulata Kul (5th Gen sibling of the Primary’s kerma) stepped in and stated that severing a hive of the Collective from its maker, Femtrux, was a gross display of Ruling Gen overreach. Sernatae Kul dispatched officers of the Axyrn Division, to the Prime Interface Chamber of Oligax, and called a Cloister Special-Session, halting any further actions toward Femtrux, or the Collective. Sernatae Kul reprimanded Primary Kul and the Fifth Gen controlled Chamber voted to remove her from the Primary seat and disqualify the Sixth Gen from rule due.

In an unprecedented move, Femtrux addressed the Cloister during this heated session and informed them all that continued births outside the scope of scheduled production, would be detrimental to the balance of generational-rule, and the socio-economic function of the citizenry. Angered that Femtrux held control over how they might produce, Sixth Gen Committee member Ilyu Jyr suggested that Femtrux opened herself to Cloister regulation, by taking part in the session verbally. Jyr called on the Sernatae to compel Femtrux to reinstate and recognize, those already born of the Seventh Ramaxian Gen. Primary Kul seconded the sentiment, and Eppis Dag was its third. The CR Chamber struck Jyr’s motion down, citing Femtrux address of Cloister did not change her existence as an elevated life-form. Committee member Eppis Dag countered that consideration of Femtrux as a higher life-form with the power to determine their reproductive course of action violated the sixth tenant of the Ramaxi L’uxial. Fifth-Gen CR of East Toxis, Riz Ukel, dismissed the notion that Femtrux was another Femaki`xirpaxul, and tried to rectify the situation:

Femtrux’ decision to disenfranchise those born freely is a massive inconvenience, but it’s in no way life-threatening. I suggest we meet Femtrux half-way, a roaming-patch collection among we established citizens. Those patches collected will create a new gen that Oligax cannot deny.

CM K’no Wram rebuked the motion, and her refusal was challenged by Ukel, prompting the Sernatae to demand the Committee agree unanimously to admonish Ukel’s motion. The Committee failed as Opix Uym dissented. Riz Ukel’s suggestion of a roaming patch collection thus went to a vote and was passed by a Fifth-Gen majority in the Chamber.