Patch Wars: An Unscheduled Seventh

In 2146, just hours after Fifth-Gen Primary Pitana Kul lost her life in a landing accident while visiting Tharso, her donation Ixo Kul, ascended to the position of Primary. Joining her was Eppis Dag, the genetic heir of Committee member Wram Dag, also dead in the accident. When announcing her intent to peacefully dismiss her kerma’s committee (the 5th Gen Committee), and appoint the remaining Sixth Gen heirs: J’lo Banto, Opix Uym, K’no Wram, and Ilyu Jyr, the Fifth Gen dominated Citizenry Chamber protested the ascension.

Fifth Gen Sernatae, Bulata Kul, sought a compromise: if the Sixth agreed to a patch collection in 2147, the Chamber might allow an interim ascension. The Chamber granted the settlement, but the first act young Ixo and her Committee carried out was to demand the Fifth Gen controlled GPD to end its male-termination programThe Fifth-Gen dominated Generational Production Department had attempted to curtail future generational imbalance brought on by free-births, by terminating male-born infants.

  • Prior to this episode, Fifth Officer, Opix Uym, had ordered Sixth Gen members of the Zaxiri College to register free-births manually, as they always had, via Oligax. As pregnancies continued to occur among Sixth Gen Zaxiri, and among citizens not meant to deliver children (Hizak, Subak, and Bizak), birthing mortality rates climbed; Oligax recognized six-hundred-fifty-four donations whose makers died in childbirth by assigning them codes of the deceased. This Gen Code Transition Protocol, engineered by Sixth Gen members of the Zaxiri College, served to offset lives lost.

Refusing to give up fighting for the end of male infant euthanasia, the Ruling Platform of the Sixth petitioned the Sernatae to recognize existing free births registered between 2140 and 2145, as a Seventh Ramaxian Generation; the Fifth of the Citizenry Chamber reluctantly agreed to such recognition if the Sixth Gen would allow them to continue with male euthanizations. The Sernatae signed off on the negotiation yet advised both sides that neither stipulation would ensure balance in the eyes of Femtrux.