Patch Wars: A Ninth Generation

When the destruction of Ixo Kul and K’no Wram‘s donuxi in the Eighth Gen inventory to be implanted, invalidated their positions as position as Primary and Fourth Office, respectively, the remaining members of the Committee, Eppis Dag, Opix Uym, and Iyu Jyr, attempted to alter the Articles of Citizenry by covertly accessing them via Tolitat. They were unaware that Femtrux upgraded Tolitat with a Systems Accountability measure. Any access by Primada citizens alerted the Collective’s paxum. The Paxul`max immediately informed Sernatae Gizul. Gizul stopped the Committee, but chose not to notify the CR Chamber of their infraction.

On Dubol 1, 2161, Orta-Protocol began as Marixi entered the cities to keep citizens off the streets until a new Ruling Platform ascended; Prime Chair of the Armed Forces, Az Tol, issued the order because Pentox no longer recognized Ixo Kul as Primary. In response, Femtrux seized control of Pentox and shut down Orta, on Dubol 2, 2161.

  • Sernatae Gizul brought together the Committee, the Chamber, the Prime Chair of the Armed Forces, Az Tol, and Ixo Kul and K’no Wram, for a meeting at the primary-interface chamber of Femtrux. When Opix Uym asked Femtrux what would happen if they refused to recognize her lack of recognition, Femtrux stated that the Collective would cease to service the citizenry. Sernatae Gizul told Femtrux that this was tantamount to killing them, but Femtrux reminded her that the femmar were capable of life without the Collective.

Femtrux spoke then to the Chamber, the Sernatae, the Ruling Gen, PC Tol, and other leaders of industry, administration, and finance. She advised that if the Sixth Ramaxian Gen took part in a patch collection and the production of a Ninth Generation, the Collective would return and vocational codes for the disenfranchised Seventh would be negotiated. Oligax and her subhives would return to facilitate this process, but access to hive Pentox was contingent on the return of all donuxi in the Eighth Generation inventory.

  • PC Tol (with Ixo Kul in tow) agreed, but many of the Fifth Gen members of the GPD could not bring themselves to take part in the abortion of a Ramaxian Generation. Seeing no way to comply with Femtrux, they stepped down from their positions and were replaced by Sixth Gen geneticists. The Sernatae, the Sixth Gen Committee, and the Fifth Gen Chamber agreed to the stipulation only if Femtrux recused herself from ever interfering with the citizenry, in matters of production, and generational-rule. Femtrux agreed never again to interfere.

Access to Pentox returned upon the successful termination of all donuxi in the Eighth Gen inventory. The Ninth Ramaxian Gen arrived in the year 2162 with an unprecedented caste-imbalance favoring Zaxiri and Marixi, and the lowest count of Subaki ever produced. Concerns lingered because the Ninth contained the largest number of scheduled Femarctic males to date. Sixth Gen Primary Ixo Kul was reinstated after her donation in the next planned production was born, in 2162.

  • The stipulation demanded of Femtrux would come back to haunt the Fifth and Sixth in Yulitat of 2186.