Patch Wars

The Patch Wars were a series of disastrous motions played out in the Cloister by the Sixth Ruling Gen that disenfranchised the Seventh, delivered an aborted Eighth, and led to the creation of the Ninth Ramaxian Generation. The Patch Wars came as a result of prime lifeform Femtrux acquiring sentience and disqualifying all free-births registered manually by the Zaxiri College, as a Seventh Generation.

  • One of the primary objectives of Femtrux is to maintain the balance of society by ensuring Generational Rule. Femtrux determined that free-births registered manually by members of the Zaxiri College and processed by Oligax (called the Seventh Generation by their makers) could not be counted as registered citizenry. The Sixth Gen Ruling Platform’s efforts to outmaneuver Femtrux in the Cloister compounded the situation and resulted in the Primary losing her position to rule.