A Kyrsbrain is a self-contained module that houses the biomass (brain) of an organic operative intelligence with psionic capability. Physical containment of the neural matter within a kyron-charged tharspin conduit strengthens the biomass and enhances its psionic reach. There are four designs currently in use; the most powerful, the Primada-Kyrsbrain is structurally identical to the neural-containment chamber of the Femakixirpaxul. The concept, and its finalized model, were created by Tenth-Gen bizak, Fyla Uym.

In 2197, at age twelve, bioengineering and genetics prodigy Fyla Uym (gen heir of First Office Ryo Uym) submitted a working miniature replica of the Femakixirpaxul’s neural-containment chamber, to the concepts division of the Prime Genetics College. Uym wanted a chance to intern at the PGC because their graduates went on to live as Pax`umal. The Prime Chair of the Genetics College, Sixth Gen Hizak Itari Sok, handed the model off to the paxum responsible for the daily maintenance of the lifeform Femtrux. The team attempted to build a working size model of the chamber but were unable to apply a power source to its tharspin structure. When they sought to fuse a large kyr-coil to the structure, hoping Femtrux might connect to the energy within, and coalesce, it ended in failure (Femtrux drained the kyr-coil of its energy and never bothered to investigate the structure). The team balked when Sok suggested young Uym be brought in to consult, but Femtrux spoke at this meeting (a rarity for the life form) and requested the young Bizak be allowed to review the model.

Fyla Uym had anticipated Femtrux ciphering the energy and ignoring the structure; she brought with her designs for a new model; a cyberorganic sphere with a central conduit similar to a kyr-coil. Unlike the inorganic kyron-housing-sphere, the coil at the center of Uym’s design would contain engineered prime-lifeform neural tissue. no_image_available_3The paxum built a new structure to be set with Uym’s smaller sphere, but an obstacle arose when Femtrux locked down access to her biomatter; unable to remove samples of Femtrux’ brain for the new sphere, Uym suggested they engineer self-replicating neural tissue the way the original geneticists had when they created Femtrux: using cellular remains in storage from the Femakixipaxul. Three days later, when the tissue showed signs of independent growth, it was fused with the sphere, and set within the new containment model. After giving Femtrux access to the unit, the lifeform commandeered the inorganic mainframe and fused her flesh to new neural cells created from the remains of the Femakixirpaxul.

Uym’s kyrsbrain led to an evolution of Femtrux that has yet to prove as destructive as her elder kerma Opix Uym’s additions, decades prior.

In the year following her adaptation of Uym’s kyrsbrain, Femtrux calculated the size and organic spherical requirements for the rest of the Collective, creating forty additional units of lesser power. The one Primada-Kyrsbrain in existence belongs to Femtrux. The existing five Hival-Kyrsbrains belong Tolitat, Oligax, Calsotax, Pentox, and Intragux. The ten Subhival-Kyrsbrains belong the subhives, and the remaining are Biologic-Kyrsbrains.