A Filmark is a pocket-sized digital recorder with a 2.5″ dirtharx screen. Its name is an amalgamation of the helovx word film, and the name of Ukel Systems first handheld computer device, the Maruk.

Powered by a hair-thin Ramaxian KYN-G battery, the Filmark contains one kyralik (helovx – exabyte) of internal memory and a plug that allows for manual mating with any broadcast device, even the BEBBLE. The Filmark is the first handheld device built with an auto-sync that connects it to the interHive and all known Intragux bands. Mainly a communication and storage device, the Filmark is the only one of its kind with the ability to digicast with the same level of motion clarity of the professional digicast models used to record motion picture content.

Ninth-Gen Mar Ukel (Hizak) debuted the Maruk, in 2177. The Maruk was a hand-size round ball that recorded and played back digitized data, in a holographic display. It started as a specialty device, issued only to citizens that needed it (Hizaki requiring them for educational purposes, or Bizaki with large families) until adjustments were made to make it available to the citizenry-market. In 2183, Ukel released the Filmuk as an entertainment device-alternative capable of audiovisual communication. The handheld device allowed citizens to contact each other by way of citizenry-communication bands unrelated to the interHive.

In 2210, Iba Ukel (Hizak), a Tenth-Gen caster-board design engineer (and Mar’s donation), created a handheld storage drive using Brigitat Digitronics proprietary Systems Caster-Bivel. Called an Outreach, the tiny unit allowed citizens to transition digital materials from desk-units, citizenry-interface ports, and Bivel-Sets, to the Filmuk device. While attempting to make her Outreach capable of accessing the citizenry-communication bands, Iba Ukel discovered a means of incorporating the technology of her kerma’s archaic Maruk. In 2214, Ukel Systems released the Filmark. Though not given out by the Citizenry-Compensation Annex, nearly every citizen in Ramaxia owns a Filmark; it is the essential computer, communicator, and social device, of the Eleventh Ramaxian Gen.