The Femarctic Era: Second Century

The Second Century: 2123 – 2223


2123 – 2130
Orbital Station Zkarion completed; Isurus invented; advent of the Orbital Sphere Engine; thermohaline circulation restored to the Axita’acarol; Patch Collection begins among the Fifth Gen – they are aged twenty-five.

Planned Ramaxian Generations produce the Sixth Ramaxian Generation. There are 9,570 live births delivered. There are 25% Marix, 25% Hizak, 20% Bizak, 10% Subak, 10% Zaxir, and 5% male – 100% survive infancy. 

They are considered the ‘Him Generation’, an helovx pronoun for the masculine because they are the first generation to contain Femarctic Males, and the first produced with the least amount of Zaxiri (there are less than a 1000 born).

2127 – 2131
Construction of Orta domes; the Vosk Glacial Fairgrounds; first credoopaxi; Bizaki Entertainment Bureau is established; Orbital Station Zyskarion is brought online;Antarctica West Islands established.

Young Primary Pitana Kul’s prime city for the Marixi comes to fruition; the three domes are of her own design enclose the Ortakal Harbor, the Ortoxia Pass, and cover Lake Pekada.

Yulitat 22, 2132

Second Ramaxian Gen recycle.

At the age of sixty-four, the Second Gen recycles itself. There are 20,138 citizens and their deaths are taken hard by their donations in the Fifth. The citizenry puts off patch collection for two years, to mourn the loss of their makers.

2133 – 2140
Ulivox IV lands successfully on Tharso (Mars); SKY SISTER is launched; Ramaxian Citizenry Transit;  ISO Main completed, ISO Secondary built; Galtib I is brought online.

Four hundred Bizaki, Marixi, and Hizaki citizens of the Fifth Gen are sent to staff the new Galtib I, a mining station located in the Paxitat (Amazonis Valley) on Tharso (Mars).

2141 -2144
Free births begin; Caste-Centers created.

Yulitat 20, 2145
Primary Pitana Kul, dies.

Pitana Kul and Wram Dag die in a landing accident while visiting Tharso.
Kul’s nineteen year old donation, Ixo Kul, ascends.


First opposed ascension; Sixth Ramaxian Gen takes control.

The Fifth Gen dominated Cloister is unable to stop their Committee from stepping down; the ascension of the Sixth is opposed because they’re all undergoing a twentieth-year, and none of the incoming members of the Ruling Platform, have heirs. Fifth Gen Sernatae, Bulata Kul, decrees that a patch collection must be considered in 2147; when the heirs agree, Kul allows the interim ascension of Ixo Kul, J’lo Banto, Opix Uym, Eppis Dag, K’no Wram, and Ilyu Jyr.


Sixth Gen desire to cancel patch collection sets off political turmoil; GPD begins euthanizing male free births.

Free-born deliveries among the Fifth and Sixth, over a 7-year period from 2140, are at the 2,000 mark, with 100% surviving infancy, though killing their birthers. Those freeborn between 2140 and 2147, are registered by the Generational Production Department and the College, into hive Oligax, as Seventh Generation Citizens, prompting Fifth Office, Opix Uym, to cancel Patch Collection. (Seventh Generation births, broken down by caste are 30% Zaxiri, 20% Bizak, 20% Subak, 10% Hizak, 10% Marix, 10% male. 

After the ascended Committee supports cancelling the patch collection, the Fifth Gen controlled Chamber fights it, conceding to the condition that Primary Kul and her Committee, allow the GPD to begin euthanizing male newborns. 

Femtrux evolves, creates Intragux.

The Patch Wars

Planned Ramaxian Generations produce a Ninth Ramaxian Generation: they deliver 11,314 live births. There are 40% Zaxir, 20% Marix, 15% Hizak, 10% Subak, 10% Bizaki, 5% male – 100% survive childhood. 
Free-born deliveries continue among the 6th Gen, and over the 10-year period during the disenfranchisement of the 7th, and the termination of the 8th, there are approximately 1,887 with 95% surviving infancy. These births are broken down by caste: 25% Marixi, 25% Zaxiri, 20% Hizaki, 20% Bizaki, 15% Male, and 5% Subaki.

The Ninth Gen is delivered with an unprecedented caste-imbalance favoring Zaxiri and Marixi. The Ninth contains the largest number of scheduled Femarctic males, and holds the record for the lowest count of Subaki ever produced; they will become the first Gen to ascend by force, and to rule longer than any other before them. They are unofficially termed the Polluted Generation. 

Marixi and Hizaki of the Fifth Ramaxian Gen, self-terminate.

Citing dissatisfaction with the Sixth Generation, and their own role in creating the Femarctic Male, all 2,907 Hizaki and 994 Marixi of the Fifth Gen, self-terminate in Recycle Centers across Ramaxia.

All Fifth Gen Marixi and Hizaki are dead by Yulitat 2164.

First Male Collection.

The Sixth Gen-controlled Cloister institutes a voluntary call for males; hundreds of males of the Sixth and Seventh Gens turn themselves over for removal from the citizenry. They are placed under the jurisdiction of the GPD, and housed in centers throughout Toxis. There are no Ninth Gen donational-age males in their number.

2172 – 2175
Ninth-Gen donations are sent off to caste-train; Second Male Collection enacted.

As the youth of Ramaxia are sent from their pods, the Cloister enacts a second Second Male collection. Citizens are encouraged to report males in the citizenry and have them turned over to the GPD for removal from the populace; a campaign of fear is enacted, citing that the 9th Gen once physically mature enough to engage in intercourse, will bring on more free-births, if males remain in the populace.

Project Suvaxicon (Saturn) begins, led by propulsion engineer, Rasa Jyr, and Ninth-Gen Bakikom, Pita Dag.

Tib & Wram Constructs Ninth Gen engineers Debo Tib and Lekada Wramdevelop the Arkelon Class Carrier.

Caster-Board created by Ninth Gen designer, Tee Banto.
Banto Sealer created; its creator elevated.

When Ninth-Gen Bizaki surgeon Wox Banto creates a treatment to enable safer delivery of donations for those outside the Zaxiri caste, it is banned by the Fifth Office, Opix Uym, and all forty treatment doses are destroyed. For her accomplishment, however, Wox Banto is given an elevated position in the GPD’s Prime Lab liaison offices.

Genetic Heirs in the Ninth Gen, acquire positions of power.

RIO design-engineer Rasa Jyr is the first Ninth Gen elected to the Cloister, by the citizens of Pikalit Prime.

Sixth-Gen Sernatae Yax Gizul dies; her donation, Ninth-Gen Administrator Prime of Mynu, Yir Gizul, ascends to Sernatae.

Sixth-Gen election winner of the Citizenry Representative seat of West Toxis, Jidal Dox, is found guilty of embezzling citizenry funds and removed from her position. The seat is given to her opponent, Lekada Wram. 

Doctor Wox Banto is made secondary of the GPD; she is the first Bizak, and the youngest citizen, to ever do so.

In 2183, legal advocate Ryo Uym is elected Citizenry-Representative of Utama; her election gives the Ninth Gen a majority in the Cloister.

The Perth Incident

Planned Ramaxian Generations produce the Tenth Ramaxian Generation, with approximately 10,000 live births. 30% Subaki, 25% Bizaki, 20% Zaxiri, 15% Marixi, 9% Hizaki, 1% male – 100% survive childhood. They become known as the Silent Generation as they are the first with an Hizaki minority.

The scheduled production of the Tenth Gen yielded exactly 9,992 donations, with 8 free-births registered when Secondary Chair of the GPD Wox (Banto) Dag, compels members of the Ninth-Gen Zaxiri College, to submit falsified birthing charts. Oligax halts the process after the eighth entered registration. 

Primekomad Fusa Kul is sentenced to ISO for her role in the Australian Genocide; Secondary Chair of the GPD Removed

Prime Chair of the GPD Wox (Banto) Dag is removed from her position after a scandal involving the registration of Donations. Testifying in open Cloister, Dag admits to using her creation, the Banto Sealer, to birth her own donation.

Yulitat 1, 2186
The Yulitat Coup leads to the ascension of the Ninth Ramaxian Gen.

GPD loses autonomy; Articles of Citizenry amended; Balanced Citizenry Act passed

After the ascension of the Ninth, new CM5 Wox Dag puts forth a motion to have the Generational Production Department moved into the administrative jurisdiction of the Fifth Office, it is unanimously supported by the Ruling Gen platform but is contested by Yir Dox, current Prime Chair of the GPD. After testimony from members of her own committee support Dag’s move at nationalization, Dox steps down from her position.

First Office of the Committee, Ryo Uym, puts forth a motion to alter the Articles of Citizenry to account for inconsistent generational outputs. It is ratified by the Chamber. The Ruling-Gen terms are changed to 45 years.

RIO base Kulixa is built in the unpopulated continent of Australia.

Towing ship Veldag III makes a successful landing at RIO base Kulixa.

Veldag III delivers 28.7 million metric tons of tharspaxi – the key component in the production of tharspin.

Sorority of Defense formed.

The kyrsbrain is developed by Tenth-Gen prodigy Fyla Uym, setting of the secondary evolution of Femtrux.

Office of Helovx Advocacy established; Ramaxia Primada reopens.

Two of ‘the Eight’ freeborn of the Tenth make their marks on history at age sixteen.

Ilo Cux becomes the first free birth to ever pass the genetics round of the Prime Citizen pageant; she goes on to take title in the citizenry vote phase.

Tenth Gen scholar Sofita Kul is the youngest citizen to earn a Doctorates in Mynu.

The Prefabrication Matrix is developed by Tenth Gen biochemist Velto WramFusada Kul, heir of the Primary, finishes Final Trial as last standing in record time.

Tenth Gen Hizak Laxum Jyr enters Cloister Service; the Bivelox debuts.

Nineteen-year-old Jyr becomes the youngest member to sit in Cloister, as Cloister-Aid for the city of Utama.

Patch collection for the Tenth Ramaxian Gen is canceled, indefinitely.

At the final Cloister Session of the year, the Primary and Committee declare that the scheduled production of an Eleventh-Gen is on indefinite hold; all but one (Ryl Jyr abstaining) of the Ninth-Gen dominated Cloister, approve the motion.

2206 – 2208
The Sister Suicides

Yulitat 1, 2208
Ramaxian population deficit; Laxum Jyr elected CR of Utama

Post-hibernation census figures (12,512 9th Gen | 9,812 10th Gen) indicate a population deficit that is a threat to citizenry-balance; there are no elders beyond the Ninth-Gen. Many Tenth-Gen Donmat and Dokomad are raised in rank, due to the loss of elder Marixi to the Suicides; prime positions throughout Ramaxia are filled with Ninth Gen Citizens.

Tenth-Generation politician Laxum Jyr becomes the youngest citizen to be elected to Citizenry Representative, in the city of Utama.

Yulitat 20, 2209
Femitokon Division formed in wake of Femtrux halting on Male-Terminations.

Dubol 22, 2209
Femtrux, through Oligax, calls for a patch collection among the Tenth Gen.

Unable to halt it, the Primary and the Committee mandate the Production Year be doubled; Tenth-Gen Zaxiri are required to give birth four times in two years.

Planned Ramaxian Generations produce the Eleventh Ramaxian Generation; it is a two-year production, delivering 12,000 live births. Their numbers replace nearly all of the lives lost from Sister Suicides. 20% Bizak, 20% Subak, 20% Hizak, 20% Zaxir, 20% Marix. 100% survive childhood.

They are called the ‘Pure Generation’ because only one generation created them, their caste outputs are equal, and there are no free-births recorded, nor are there any males born. 

The production of the Eleventh is cited as ending the Age of Imbalance by scholars of the Ninth. Scholars of the Tenth propose that the Age of Imbalance will end only when either the Ninth Ramaxian Gen step down from their extended rule, or the Ninth Gen die, along with those free-born of the Tenth.

Dubol 10, 2211
The Tenth take the Tenth.

Unprecedented Tenth Gen victories dominate traditional Dubol 10th Day Elections to the Cloister. Office of Helovx Advocacy administrator Eppis Banto is elected CR of Greater Vanda while Laxum Jyr wins a again in Utama. All three Pikalit domes elect Tenth Gen representatives: Bizakask administrator Pel Jyr takes Pikalit Prime, managing member of Ramaxian Aquaponic, Yegi Das, wins Greater Pikalit, and Dirtoxian Diamond Consortium’s secondary advocate, Cruzo Tegal, is chosen to represent Northeast Pikalit. The biggest upset occurs when biochemist Velto Wram wins the CR seat of East Toxis.

Bamx 5, 2211
The Igitat Tragedy kills 16 citizens of the Tenth Ramaxian Gen.

Fusada Kul dies; Prime of Mynu Administration resigns; GPD Counsel-Chairs chosen.
Wram Processor debuts.

Fusada Kul dies in her paxicol after experience extreme mental fatigue brought on by an experimental armor she carried within her anatomy.

Prime of Mynu Administration, Doctor Sofita Kul, resigns her station and becomes the first Hizak to enlist in the Ramaxian World Oceans as an operative candidate.

Doctor Fyla Uym becomes the youngest citizen, and the second Bizak, to make counsel-chair, in the Generational Production Department.

Utama CR resigns her position

Laxum Jyr resigns her position in Cloister after her campaign to rescind the Balanced Citizenry Act is defeated. Former representative Ryl Jyr takes her place.

Filmark debuts; Velto Wram retires from politics.

First Hizak to partake in the Orta Caste Program; Dag I launched.

Sofita Kul, donation of Primary Fusa Kul, is the first Hizak to physically train with Marixi (the Eleventh Generation of Toobs) to acquire ranking placement in World Oceans.

RIO launches Dag I, a four-team operated scout ship, containing 400 engineers, is bound for the Suvayul (Saturn System).

Dag I, maintains orbit around the Suvayul (Enceladus).

The five hundred citizens aboard the monstrous Dag I arrive to build a station that will serve as a base of study for future colonization of Ramarixicon II (Europa).

Kul I is launched.

Carrying components for SKY SISTER II, Kul I is bound for Colony Suvayul.

Former politician Laxum Jyr is the first Hizak to serve as Secondary Custodian of Kerguelen Station.

First Orta-trained Hizak makes rank

Former Prime of Mynu Administration, Sofita Kul, is assigned to the Sorority of Defense. Donmat Kul is the only Hizak to ever complete Orta Basic Training and is last standing at the Secondary-Final-Trial, of the Tenth Gen.

Yulitat 2, 2223 Ramaxian Tercentenary Census.

300th year celebrations are held throughout Ramaxia, and amongst donational age citizens living away from home in caste-training. A census is performed to commemorate the first census enacted by the original subjects, in 2023. There are 32,932 citizens registered, despite each dome constructed to accommodate a population of 50to 100k citizens each.

Figures calculated are:

  • 8,833 Zaxiri – 45% Ninth | 28% Eleventh | 27% Tenth
  • 7,336 Marixi – 40% Ninth | 35% Eleventh | 25% Tenth
  • 5,967 Subaki – 45% Tenth | 40% Eleventh | 15% Ninth
  • 5,438 Bizaki – 37% Eleventh | 33% Tenth | 30% Ninth
  • 5,358 Hizaki – 45% Ninth | 45% Eleventh | 10% Hizak

Femtrux decrees Ramaxia remains in a population deficit, but orders no production.