Zaxiri College

The Zaxiri College is a reproductive health and gestational-guild with administration restricted to select Subak and Zaxir medical professionals, and membership given to every Zaxiri that gives birth. The purpose of the Zaxiri College is to ensure the physical and mental well-being of the Subaki and Zaxiri before, during, and following, the production of a Generation.

College administration codes are assigned to Subaki or Zaxiri with accreditation to operate as a genetic, reproductive, or sexual, care provider. Oligax assigns a membership code only to those implanted by a College administrator and that has given birth in a Donational-Birthing Center. Members of the Zaxiri College by way of birthing have full access to Citizen’s Catalog; while professional members of the Prime Lab have limited access.

Formed in 2056, the Zaxiri College established health centers for the breeding castes, and were instrumental in setting the age for Zaxiri to deliver donations (after her 20th year), and lobbied for the creation of Caste Centers for donation uncollected by Subaki. For decades the Zaxiri College was administered under the jurisdiction of the Prime Lab as part of the Generational Production Department. When Fifth Office of the Committee, Wox Dag, annexed the GPD from the Lab in 2185, College leaders petitioned the Sernatae for severance from the GPD.

Sernatae Yir Gizul granted the severance after Oligax removed citizenry ability to register donations upon an investigation into the Fifth Office’s involvement in recording eight donations believed born outside the scheduled production. The Zaxiri College lost its autonomy in 2212 after an inquiry launched by the Fifth Office had revealed individual members of the College manipulated patch placements to produce Marixi born with ilitux. The governing of the Zaxiri College returned to the Generational Production Department under a deal struck with the Fifth Office not to seek the suspension of the professionals involved in the Ilitux Scandal.

Current Prime-Administrators of the Zaxiri College

  • Doctor Itek Tabikul (Zaxir – 9th Generation)
    • Prime Chair of the Zaxiri College
    • First Office of the Generational Production Department
    • Zaxiri College Main, GPD Prime Hall, Toxis.
  • Doctor Hib Perkad (Zaxir – 10th Generation)
    • Prime Chair of the Citizen Catalog
    • Prime-Director of Donational Birthing Registration
    • Zaxiri College Main, GPD Prime Hall, Toxis.
  • Advocate Wox Zikat (Subak – 9th Generation)
    • Prime Chair Subaki Donational Outreach
    • Ramaxi Pod Services Advisor
    • Subaki Registration Main, GPD East, Toxis.
  • Counselor Yulata Gizul (Subak – 10th Generation)
    • Prime Chair Donational Delivery and Collection
    • Subaki Registration Main, GPD East, Toxis.
  • Doctor Debo Grik (Zaxiri – 10th Generation)
    • Prime Chair Zaxiri Registration
    • Zaxiri College Main, GPD Prime Hall, Toxis.