The brown kernels of the engineered sea vegetable Trictan (known to helovx as ‘Polar Corn’) can be eaten on their own, or used to make flatbreads; it is also fermented to make ale and other alcoholic beverages.

Designed to grow in the western waterlogged soil of the Dirtoxian Coastal Plain, trican germinates in below zero temperatures and as it matures, develops into a thick 15-foot stalk. When it reaches 5 feet in height, elongated sprouts form along the shaft. These blooms thicken as juicy brown kernels grow and are protected by red shell-like leaves.

Harvesting occurs when the coastal valley experiences it’s austral summer flooding. When the icy oceanic water moves over the fields, millions of krill attach themselves to the trictan’s fibrous stalks. The flooding brings thousands of leopard seals into the shallows, and as they tear apart the flavorful stalks to get the krill, the hardened blooms float to the surface for collection by Bizaki harvest engineers. Trictan cobs are freed of their shells by Bizaki on an assembly line that smacks the cob against a hard surface to break the shell. Subaki jewelers prize whole trictan shells. Many farms set aside a percentage of the harvest to be stripped carefully, to keep the decorative red shells intact.

Helovx prize trictan because when distilled, a small amount of the brown fluid induces intoxication when inhaled. Inhaling trictan produces no effect on femmar, but its abuse as a narcotic by helovx led Ninth Gen CM Rasa Jyr to outlaw its export.

Femarctic Eating Habits