Cereal Grains

Keltavi, or ‘Polar Rice,’ is a blue cereal grain genetically engineered from the helovx ‘Asian rice.’ It is grown in glacial acropora coral, submerged in the many warm glacio-volcanic pools, on the surface of the central western coast. It is the most widely consumed staple grain in Ramaxia.

It’s sweeter cousin, kelsub, is a thick bluegrass engineered from rice and tropical sugarcane. Kelsub (h. polar-sugar) grows in and around the saline-rich pools of volcanic hot springs; its fibrous stalks are short and stout, and contain the light-blue liquid kelsuba; the femmar consume kelsub as a sweetener, in a variety of food and drink.

Another cereal grain is boz, a yellow-orange rice designed to serve as domesticated animal feed. Boz is a hybrid of surface-world rice (fledged from seeds of monocot plants scavenged from the waters off the coasts of South America) and shallow sea algae found off the coast of Western Ramaxia. This ‘Antarctican Rice’ gets its color because its seeds contain a high level of carotene. Meals created with boz are rare, due to the color orange being unpalatable (it is the color of Femarctic feces). Hizaki will consume boz broth when between the poles as it keeps their sinuses clear and free of pressure; they also cannot see its color.

Femarctic Eating Habits