Patotok is Ramaxia’s fourth-largest food crop, following trictan, itabix, and keltavi. The femmar use it as a staple in a variety of dishes, due to its high starch content (above average carbohydrates slow digestion in the femmar).

It is regarded by helovx to be the Polar-Potato, pure white in color with a thin black skin, the patotok is a genetically enhanced tuber designed to thrive without sunlight and to grow in salt water. Pre-Impact, there were 5,000 potato varieties worldwide, but Second Gen scouts found only 82 species and the most robust was the Andean Potato, discovered in the atolls around Brasilia.

It is exported to the helovx-nations of Brasilia and Aotearoa and is prized by helovx for its long shelf-life, salty flavor, and the vitamins and minerals it supplies.

Femarctic Eating Habits