Nux Bloom

Nux Bloom, or what helovx call the ‘Polar Grape,’ is a seedless cultivar named after its creator, Second Gen geneticist Bo Nux. Nux Bloom grows in white–almost translucent clusters of 50 to 100, and its largest varieties thrive in the rocky soil beneath the Suv Glacier, 20 miles east of Orta.

Nux Bloom is harvested twice a year when their juice is approximately 50% elsubic by weight. The origins of nux bloom trace back to Second Gen engineer Kix Kul (Bizak sib of the Primary); she brought back helovx-cultivars scavenged from around the world so her lover, Bo Nux, could modify them to grow without sunlight. Juice from medicinal blooms are known for their protective properties; nux is given to donats because it is a modulator for their metabolism, and good for the blood. As a spirit, femmar age nux and serve it as an alcoholic beverage.

Nux bloom grow in small harvests throughout Ramaxia, with nuxbats (vinyards) planted throughout private estate grounds north of the Utamx River.

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