RIO: Regime of the Ninth

Despite the reproductive and political turmoil that plagued the Sixth Ramaxian Gen’s tenure at RIO, a secondary Tharso station, Galtib II, was brought online in 2163. The towing ship Veldag I landed there, with hundreds of Bizaki and Hizaki, and a battalion of Guardia. Full-scale mining for tharspaxi began in 2165.

In the late 2170’s, RIO was overrun by young Ninth Gen astrologists, energists, scientists, and pilot-candidates. The first to breath new life into RIO was stellar-vessel designer Rasa Jyr (gen-heir of Sixth Gen Committee member, Ilyu Jyr). Young Jyr revived Project Suvaxicon (Saturn), and she and her Ninth Gen team created the first series of long range ships bound for the moon Suvayul (Enceladus). Leading the mission into space would be Bakikom Pita Dag, (Marix gen-heir of Sixth Gen Committee member, Eppis Dag).

RIO’s Sixth-Gen tenure was tarnished in 2184 when the cargo ship Rubo IV, her ten-thousand-ton cargo, and two-citizen crew, were burned up in Ramaxicon’s atmosphere, trying to land. That same day, RIO had launched the Woxidag I too much fanfare—its launch as part of Project Suvaxicon was broadcast live on Ramaxian media. When the four-team operated Woxidag I, piloted by Bakikom Pita Dag, was destroyed trying to rescue the crew of Rubo IV, the citizenry mourned.

That same year Primepromad Fusa Kul, without authority, had enacted the RIO-related Kulixa Objective. The Objective had been dismissed in Cloister by the Sixth Gen Committee because it called for the eradication of all life on continental Australia to make room for a new RIO base for large-mass stellar ships. After the Yulitat Coup had led to the ascendancy of the Ninth Gen, new seated Primary Fusa Kul ordered the building of Kulixa Station.

RIO’s dubious beginnings under the reign of the Ninth Gen had overshadowed later successes. The towing ship Veldag III, launched from Tharso, made a successful landing in the newly built Kulixa Station, delivering 28.7 million metric tons of tharspaxi. When the young Tenth Gen began joining RIO, it’s focus shifted from exploratory, to colonial. Project Ramarixicon began out of Kulixa (Project Suvaxicon had since moved to Tharso) and called for the colonization of the Ramarixicon II (Europa). Project Ramarixicon was funded by Fifth Officer of the Committee, Wox Dag, in memory of her dead spouse, Pita Dag. Former bond partners Dag and Rasa Jyr sponsored the launch of Woxidag III, an eighteen-member crew carrying a second orbital canon, the SKY SISTER II, bound for the Ramarixicon (Jupiter) System.

After the Sister Suicides cut Bizaki numbers on Tharso in half, efforts were made to train more Bizaki among the maturing Eleventh for life off-world. The advent of the Subolax Corrective allowed Subaki stricken with fematcolx to serve in positions between the poles and in RIO. The first Subak, an Eleventh-Gen agriculturalist, arrived on Tharso in 2228. Since then, most subaki colonists have been newly vaccinated Tenth, reuniting with their bizaki spouses now that their donations had grown and moved from home.