RIO: Fifth Generation Era

In 2129, Fifth Gen energists Ryo Sok (Hizak) and Cruzo Acari (Bizak) developed a formula for a sustainable high-power fuel using raw kyrsol as a base. A year later, design engineer Rylu Oztal (Bizak) and energist Sofita Jakix (Hizak) created a conducting sphere designed to condense and burn the new kyrsol based kyron. Christened the Orbital Sphere Engine, the first ship fitted was the long-range Ulivox I. Ulivox, on a one-way mission, carried the hardware and salvaged cerebral material of the Femaki`xirpaxul. Guiding the Ulivox remotely, the OSE powered vessel, along with its cargo, was destroyed after being flown purposely into Suva.

At the end of 2130, the Ulivox II (fitted with an OSE) and her crew launched from Orbital Station Zkarion bound for Tharso. Unable to land on Tharso, the team of four Fifth Gen (two Marix pilots, one Hizak geologist, and a Bizak engineer) perished; charred portions of the Ulivox II remain on the planet’s surface.

In 2141, a two-Marix crew successfully landed the Gaxtuk III on Tharso and returned a year later to Ramaxicon.

In 2142, the Ulivox III launched and delivered the first Ramaxian citizens assigned to live off-world, as permanent residents in space; eighteen in all (4 Hizaki, 8 Bizaki, and 6 Marixi) they arrived at Orbital Station Zkarion first, to oversee the construction and launch of Ulivox IV. The Ulivox IV landed successfully on Tharso with her crew intact. There they erected a small station to house what would be Tharso’s first Kyron-Sphere. Four hundred Bizaki, eighty Marixi, and forty Hizaki came to live on Tharso in the years leading up to 2140; all delivered by the Ulivox series of ships.

Construction on Galtib I, a mining station located in what helovx called the Amazonis Valley, was completed alongside the prefab construction of a second Orbital Station, Zyskarion. The Fifth Ramaxian Gen brought SKY-SISTER online in 2145, before tragedy struck in 2146, when Primary Pitana Kul and CM1 Wram Dag, died in what was to be the first visit to Tharso. The ship, the Ulivox X, lost traction landing near the station of Galtib I. RIO retired the Ulivox series of ships, but not the Orbital Sphere Engine.