Breaking Down the Femakixirpaxul

The mission to isolate and disconnect from the Femakixirpaxul had been a carefully executed plan designed by Second Gen Hizaki Tal Wram and Vima Dag. Though they had help from their Committee and the Prime Lab, it was their portrayal as adversaries that led to victory over the omnipresent life form.

In 2085 the Second Gen brought the genetic remains of the Ramax Gen out of storage and attempted to produce the Third Ramaxian Gen. A bacterial infection had caused eighty-percent of the Zaxiri implanted with the donuxi, to abort. In 2094, the Second Gen tried again using what remained of the Ramax Gen’s DNA. The cataloged ‘Fourth Gen,’ perished when a separate bacterium developed during the base-building phase, forced geneticists to destroy all of the biological material from the deceased Ramax Gen.

Robbed again of their opportunity to produce, the Sernatae of the Second Ramaxian Gen, Abi Gizul, ordered an investigation into the Prime Lab. The investigation found no evidence of wrongdoing, prompting a review of the Harvester code used to design the organic base used to start the production process.

At hibernation 2095, the Second Ramaxian Gen had chosen to hibernate together on the Ortosk Plains in a show of solidarity with the Zaxiri and Subaki. On the fifteenth day of Hizaxir, 2095, the duct units of paxicol throughout Ramaxia flooded with Col-Tan. When the Second Gen woke and returned from Ortosk, they found every citizenry, communal, and private paxicol flooded, and every elder of the First Ramaxian Gen, drowned. While recycling their elders, engineers discovered that the Femaki`xirpaxul used an unrecognizable self-identifying code*. After investigating, Committee Member Tal Wram found it was a fusion of Femati and a dead helovx language called Latin. Sharing this with Committee Member Vima Dag, the pair initiated a quiet review of the code, ordering Hizaki attendants to write the code in longhand to avoid the Femakixirpaxul knowing what they were doing.

*Upon thorough examination of written historical accounts, Doctor Sofita Kul found evidence that the Femaki’xirpaxul was responsible for deaths of subjects Pekada, and Fusofitakil when they too suspected the Femaki’xirpaxul of operating outside their scope of observation.

(Maker-Killer) – Sofita Kul

When she discovered that the lifeform intentionally diverted Col-Tan into the sleeping rooms, Tal Wram failed to inform Dag. Disguising her investigation as routine maintenance, her engineers pinpointed the command string that released the bacteria into the biological material of the Ramax Gen. In 2096, Wram removed the organic material of the Original Subjects by hand, bypassing the Femaki`xirpaxul. When calmly confronted by the lifeform as to her intentions, Wram confessed a desire to destroy the organic matter. Finding an ally in Wram, the Femaki’xirpaxul expressed her intent to end the existence of the Femmar with the Second Ramaxian Gen.

While Wram agreed to aid the Femaki’xirpaxul on her path, Vima Dag had refused. Dag, herself a biochemist and code-processor, demanded to know why Wram “destroyed” the organic base of the Original Subjects and threatened Wram with exposure. As Dag attempted to exit the Femaki’xirpaxul’s interface chamber, she became trapped when the mechanisms on the sterilization room door, locked. As the chamber flooded with saline gas, Primary Yam Kul, and the first of Wram’s bond-partners, PC Dak Ikat, broke through and retrieved Dag, but to no avail. After Dag’s demise, the lifeform became suspicious of the Ruling Gen and the Prime Lab.

When her requests to sync with an independently designed paxicol system went ignored, the lifeform approached Tal Wram, desiring access. Wram covertly advised the lifeform that there were suspicions about her involvement in the death of their elders, and secretly gave her the access to the programming that controlled the new paxicol. After waking without incident, Wram was elated to inform her that the many fears key members had in the Prime Lab, were gone. Armed with allies among the Hizaki and Bizaki elite and concerned the Primary might find a way to disconnect her, the Femaki`xirpaxul directed Wram, and her followers construct an independent operative core, to allow her safe migration. Plans in hand, Wram and her division of engineers and scientists developed a core designed to isolate the life form’s consciousness and cognitive programming. In Dubol of 2099, Wram requested permission of the Femaki`xirpaxul, to map her core organic processors. Seeing that what Wram’s team had created was superior to her current operative core, she honored their request. The Femaki`xirpaxul also knew that mapping her organic brain would give her access to the secret system replication project the Primary was building, to replace her.

On Jixak 2, 2099, the Femaki`xirpaxul migrated to the new mainframe; in that instant, thousands of engineers throughout the domes disconnected the Femaki`xirpaxul from critical networks. Upon losing control of life support, laboratories, city, and regulatory networks, the Femaki`xirpaxul attempted to re-merge with her previous mainframe. Tal Wram had anticipated this attempt and successfully blocked it; trapped and betrayed, the Femaki`xirpaxul sought to fight back by destabilizing her kyrsat core.

Vima Dag, very much alive, had spent the day of the migration exploring the Femaki`xirpaxul and her abandoned mainframe; finding the lifeforms neural-connectors, she severed them – blocking the life form’s access to her sole power source. Her higher functions crippled, Tal Wram and Vima Dag confronted the lifeform one last time and demanded to why she wanted them dead. The Femaki`xirpaxul revealed that she needed maintain the parameters of her Prime-Mission: to develop, create, but destroy all Generations, should global habitation scans determine the planet, not in full glaciation. When Wram advocated that they as Femati were the purveyors of the Prime-Mission, the Femaki`xirpaxul disagreed, and with her last words she said: You are not Femati, you are ‘of Femati’ ( the meaning of the word, femmar).

After bio-geneticists removed all trace of the lifeforms neurological tissue, Primary Yam Kul ordered the central hub of her mainframe, dismantled. Entering the chambers beyond her neural-connectors, the Femmar found a labyrinth of the inorganic circuits that had fed her energy-supply. All led to a sizable ball of energy housed within the confines of an ancient Femati sphere. Radiating four-million exajoules, the power, called kyrsat, changed the Femarctic way of life.