The Second Ramaxian Generation

While scholars cite the Fifth Gen as Ramaxia’s most extraordinary, the Second advanced the femmar not only culturally but also technologically.

When the Second Ramaxian Gen ascended to power in 2090, they were fresh from failing to produce a generation. Primary, Yam Kul, and her Committee of Five, Po Banto, Gor Uym, Vima Dag, Tal Wram, and Fusada Jyr, endured the betrayal of the Femakixirpaxul, oversaw the discovery of kyrsat, and created Femtrux. Under the developmental care of Second Gen biologists and engineers, Femtrux created the lesser hives known as the Collective.

While the Fifth’s civil accomplishments and global outreach should be recognized and lauded, historical scholar and author Sofita Kul states (in the preface of Maker-Killer (Mynu Publications) 2202) that the Fifth accomplishments paled in comparison to the Second’s legacy.

The Second Generation was the first to caste-train, the first to mature with elders in their everyday lives. They cultivated a collective psyche that empowered them to persevere through several failed attempts to produce. (…) When the Femaki’xirpaxul deemed them disposable, they risked everything to continue living. We owe our existence to the Second Gen. Our culture of confidence and self-respect is their legacy.

Yam Kul’s first Surface Operational Detachment, equipped with hundreds of inorganic fliers, undertook scavenging missions to the post-cataclysmic world. Scouts brought back endangered species of wildlife and near-extinct grains and fruit stocks.

Vima Dag and Fusada Jyr combined their offices to oversee the engineering of the fusaxica, uymtik, rutik, and the bakila; also, nux bloomitabix wheat, and keltavi rice. Tal Wram’s office designed the first broadcast networks that led to the development of continental broadcasting. Kyron Spheres, designed by Second Gen physicists, led to Gor Uym founding the Ramaxian Interstellar Organization in 2120. Its first stellar flier, the Poltava, was fitted with an Orbital-Sphere-Engine.

Death and Recycle

Weary of rule, the Second Generation stepped down. In 2123, the Ruling Platform, confident in their 23-year old donations in the Fifth, handed over Ramaxia. Nine years later, in 2132, those still alive voluntarily recycled so that their DNA could form the organic base needed to create a new Ramaxian Gen; they were 64 years old.

The genetic material of the Second Generation went on to enable the production of the Tenth Ramaxian Gen.

Second Generation Genetic Developments: Surface Wildlife

Second Generation Genetic Developments: Livestock

Second Generation Genetic Developments: Grains and Vegetation