Lonely Time: Self-Imposed Exile

Voluntary Exile

After collecting their dead, a mass vigil took place on Yulitat 22, 2027. That night, every remaining Zaxiri (21,029) and Subaki (18,742) collected those deceased from the makitil pools at Tox Island, and took them to East to the Toskulak grotto for a disposal similar to that of Polbanto. When none returned on Dubol 1, 2028, their lovers, friends, and sibox journeyed to the Ortosk Plains to collect them. Leading Subaki and Zaxiri turned them away; some resorted to physical aggression to be rid of Bizaki and Hizaki that attempted to enter the mountain without permission.

In Bamx of 2028, after the body of a Zaxir had been found floating in the Vantakal, Balrusok, and Hizak Wramtol, met with breeding cast leaders Veldag, Lozkul, Crizatol, Bulatgwo, Yiravi, Stybdox, and Tavilokul. Wramtol wanted assurances that no breeder were being kept in Ortosk against their will. After speaking with many that had come to see them, none indicated imprisonment, but all were angry about the events that transpired during the aborted efforts to produce. They expressed frustration that none of them cared about what they went through the year prior.

Femitokon was called from Ortokil when the breeding casts failed to return by Ixax, 2028. Upon news of Femitokon’s impending arrival, former lover Tavilokul was sent to reason with Femitokon, while Veldag covertly traveled to the Vostulak to retrieve Fusofitakil and Pekada, sequestered in the Femaki’xirpaxul. Hearing Tavilokul out, Femitokon went to Utam to question Balrusok. When she discovered what she was told to be true, the pair confronted Uymras on Tox Island; Fusofitakil and Pekada arrived at Tox moments after Femitokon had lost her temper and nearly killed Uymras. Upon discovering what had transpired in her absence, Fusofitakil counseled Uymras about the decisions that led up to the failed production; appreciating why the Subaki and Zaxiri would not return, Fusofitakil came to the conclusion that no one leader could be allowed to make decisions regarding the liberties of others.

Seeing no real change affected by the return of Pekada, Fusofitakil, and Femitokon, the breeding castes remained in the Ortosk Plains for the remainder of 2028. Poor work performance and low morale affected the Bizaki. As the Hizaki displayed signs of emotional unbalance, while trivial Marixi skirmishes often turned severe. Projects faltered as tempers flared among the elite, deaths occurred as dissidence developed; it was clear that without the Subaki and Zaxiri, the eighteen-year old femmar were dysfunctional as a society. After hibernating without the breeding castes, what became the first ‘Cloister Session’ took place on Yulitat 3, 2028. Leading the talks, Femitokon devised a plan involving forced retrieval; Pekada sympathized with the exiles and felt they had a right to live apart, but admitted that without Subaki, her caste was useless. Uymras remained dismissive and reminded them that the Subaki needed offspring and the Zaxiri needed to give birth and their biological imperative would drive them to return. Balrusok informed them that the bodies of two Zaxiri and four Subak, had been found wrapped and floated for the sharks. Fusofitakil realized that those bodies were proof that the elite of the exile would not allow those hindered by biological imperative, to derail their efforts.

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