Lonely Time: Negotiation



On Yulitat 21, 2028, a year to the day that the breeding castes left the others, Subaki leaders Veldag and Crizatol, and Zaxiri leaders Lozkul and Bulatgwo, met with Fusofitakil, Uymras, Pekada, Dizukel, Femitokon, and Balrusok, on the shores of Lake Utamx. The Subaki and Zaxiri would return if they were assigned exclusively to the process of production. Uymras countered that without the Hizaki, none of them could design patches, and even if they could, they couldn’t be trusted to combine patches without genetic flaws. Uymras’ condescension insulted Bulatgwo, her former assistant, a Zaxir fully capable of genetic patch design. When Veldag decided to terminate negotiations, Fusofitakil suggested a compromise: the developmental phase of genetic-production remain entrusted to the Hizaki, but Zaxiri will set the patch combinations. Subaki will oversee implantation and the gestational health of the Zaxiri.

After a brief conference, the leaders of the breeding castes agreed to the terms but added two provisions. The first was that no Subaki must ever be forced to risk her life, giving birth. The second was no Zaxiri or Subaki willing to learn, could be denied an education in genetic engineering. Set in writing and agreed to by all, the Zaxiri and Subaki returned on the last day of Yulitat, 2028.

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RAMAXIDOL (The Femarctic Era)