The Lonely Time

After a disastrous effort to produce caused the death of 5,000 Zaxiri and led to the physical subjugation and eventual death of hundreds of Subaki, the eighteen-year old breeding castes came together and severed themselves socially from the other castes.

Breach of Trust

Throughout 2026, Prime Lab leader Uymras and her staff of thousands (all Hizaki) set about collecting DNA from every subject–excluding those sequestered in the Femaki`xirpaxul, and those Marixi residing in the Ortakal Colony. Her Zaxir lover, Jyrulix, brought her over 5,000 Zaxiri willing to make the journey to Tox Island and partake in the first attempt to produce.

  • Uymras’ running of the Prime Lab had come into question earlier that year when she barred capable Subaki like Bulatgwo and Ryoacari, from the patch design phase and the implantation trials. In protest, the pair left the Prime Lab, taking many Subaki nurses with them; those that remained would later regret their decision.

Utilizing the labs of the Femaki’xirpaxul, Uymras and her geneticists developed fertilized donuxi from patches cultivated using the collected DNA of the subjects. Taking them to Tox Island in Dubol of 2027, Hizaki teams implanted all 5,000 Zaxiri test subjects, but within days many Zaxiri had begun showing signs of illness. Uymras, caring for her lover Jyrulix, found an unknown bacteria germinating within the donuxi. The bacteria caused an infection in the lining of Jyrulix’ makodux, but Uymras remained unwilling to remove the forming donuxi. Jyrulix died in the second month of her pregnancy. By the end of Ixax, all five-thousand Zaxiri died, including Galiyusok.

Certain the infection originated as a result of the robust Zaxir makodux rejecting the donuxi, Uymras compelled her Subaki staff to undergo implantation in Yubol. All of them refused her request and so Uymras’ drugged the Subaki and had donuxi implanted in Bamx; this created a schism in the Hizaki elite on Tox Island. When Myanu and Rigizul protested, Uymras had the pair forcibly escorted off the island; hundreds of Hizaki joined them. In Jixak, Subaki leaders Veldag and Ryoacari demanded the release of the resident Subaki nursing staff for hibernation. When ignored, Zaxiri Crizatol and Lozkul requested permission to remove the bodies of the Zaxiri for a proper makitil. Uymras allowed it, unaware that the Zaxiri had come with a mission to smuggle out the Subaki. Those Zaxiri arrived to find hundreds of pregnant Subaki tied to their beds, suffering as their bodies were ill-equipped for pregnancy. Unable to free many of them, those that were freed died when left alone during hibernation.

It came to an end in Yulitat of 2027 when Balrusok arrived on Toxi Island from Utam demanding the body of her sib. Finding Marixi guarding the facility, she ordered them to stand down and when Balrusok entered the Prime Lab she found that every Subaki that had been left impregnated hadn’t hibernated, but died during their deliveries, along with their donations.

Breach of Trust | Self Imposed Exile | Negotiation

RAMAXIDOL (The Femarctic Era)

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