Individual Transport

Individualized transport is any hover machine operated by a single citizen. Called glides, they are produced to carry two, or up to five, citizens. There are four types of glides: two-port (cycles), four-port (passenger), submersible (underwater), and ice-hover (surface).

According to the Pikaxaki Transport Manufacturing League, four out of ten femmar own some form of glide while three in ten non-owners require the use of a glide for their vocation. Bizaki are the most passionate consumers of glides, prompting the Bizakaxi to lobby the Third Office of the Committee to subsidize each Bizak citizen with a standard four-port glide for vocational commuting.

One such motion prompted a humorous exchange between the members of Line Jyr serving in the Cloister. It began when Third Office Rasa Jyr denied a request by Pikalit Prime CR Pel Jyr to provide every Bizak with a four-port glide as part of the Bizaki housing subsidy. In the face of the denial, CR Pel Jyr then asked the Fourth Office, Tee Banto, to consider making it part of the Bizaki lifestyle subsidy (that already included a BEBBLE). Banto denied the motion, citing an unwillingness to encourage what she felt was a ‘dangerous customization culture employed by too many Bizak.’ Then CR of Utama, Laxum Jyr, challenged Banto’s denial, asking if the Committee would next alter the Bizaki foodaxi subsidy to exclude all ingredients used in the brewing of alcoholic beverages. CM Banto promised the Sernatae she might consider such a measure as she felt ‘bizaraks were an unsightly show of socialism.’ CM Rasa Jyr spoke up then, warning CM Banto she could never support such a move, as alcohol made it easier for her to contend with her donation, CR Jyr of Utama, in and out of the Cloister.

In 2212, CM Jyr did honor a request by Greater Pikalit CR Yegi Das, to provide basic glides only to bonded Bizaki with donations. CM Jyr agreed to provide vehicles on the condition that those Bizaki employers put in the request, for individual employees.