Citizenry Credit Scales

Upon completion of caste-trainingcitizens earn an account with a base amount of credit; the amount depends on the subsidy level set aside for their caste. A citizen is assigned employment or acquires work to increase their core worth. These subsidized wages allow citizens to maintain a monthly balance and ensure their living expenses.

Nevertheless, some citizens (typically Hizaki and Subaki) seek higher-paying positions to improve their quality of life. Credit Scales vary depending on the difficulty of a chosen vocation. Negotiated credit scales depend on talent acquired rank or status within an employer’s organization, or the length of time one operates in her chosen field.

Only Marixi and Bizaki are guaranteed employment, no matter what their skill set. Marixi get housing, uniforms, and food, and assigned stipends that escalate based on rank. Bizaki receive a standard rate of credit in assigned jobs because their homesgroceries, and residential entertainment, are subsidized by the Citizenry Compensation Annex.

Zaxir gets no credit unless she acquires a position in a bluzsh or becomes privately employed. Private employment comes from receiving an education beyond the scope of her caste-training. Zaxiri citizens will earn an unlimited credit line for the rest of their natural lives once they birth a donation; this gives them worth beyond her role as a birther. Finance-minded citizens that would not consider bonding a Zaxir to their pod reconsider in the face of bond-partner with unlimited credit.