Caste Centric Careers

Most professions in Ramaxia require specialized training that occurs during a citizen’s post-donational years. Caste distinctions determine the division of labor among the citizenry, though there are some citizens born with talents that allow them to seek a career beyond their castes expectation.

Bizaki citizens are the core laborers in Ramaxia serving this role in the following jobs: civil engineers, environmentalists, geologists, transport developers, urban planners, energists, and materialists. Bizaki work in farming, manufacturing, mining, hospitality, and foodservice; they’re mechanics, operators, installers, sanitation and domestic workers.

Hizaki citizens are naturally born administrators designed to be politicians, legal advocates, directors, managers, physicians, scientists, and educators. Hizaki are far more career oriented than other castes, and find employment in a variety of financial, medical, science, academic, and technological industries.

Subaki are nurturing by design, with an amiable nature and staunch patience. This caste does best in the educational, mental health, donational care, and medical fields. Subaki are parents, adoptive parents, childcare providers, teachers, therapists, nurses, counselors, fertility and genetic engineers, domestic laborers, holistic providers, and due to their creative streak artists and crafters.

The Zaxiri mindset revolves around sex and producing a donation. While some Zaxiri are born capable of concentrating on other pursuits, most Zaxiri train for work in the sex industry. When a youth, she learns that sex and sexual health are as important as producing offspring. Educated Zaxiri, however, will forgo sex-work and become fertility engineers, sexual therapists, intimacy counselors, and physical therapists. During a production year, all Zaxiri are gestational carriers.

Native “warrior caste” Marixi are engineered to be aggressive and serve the citizenry by way of the armed forces, law enforcement, or in competitive sports. Marixi are members of the fleet, officers, divisional operatives, police, or professional athletes.