Ramaxian Artery

The Ramaxian Artery is the name given to a 21st-century network of tunnels created by the advancement of a subterranean high-speed freight train, operated by magnetic levitation. After the discovery and smelting of tharspaxi, the femmar built a maglev train equipped with a boring unit called the ‘Turkol Fist.’ The Artery punched through mountains, enabling the femmar access to mass quantities of ore and minerals, and took them to cavernous valleys previously inaccessible, due to glacial-anchoring.

  • Glacial-Anchoring occurs when large portions of a glacier are detached from a prime-glacier, and are left to sit on top of a mountain where an ice-sheet eventually covers them. In surface glaciers, these detached portions will melt and become lakes. In subterranean glaciers, detached chunks are caught between the surface ice and the bedrock, settling in to become part of the mountain. Glacial-Anchors disable travel over highly elevated underground mountains by blocking access to lower valleys needed to traverse the landscape.

An essential component in the Age of Expansion, the Artery enabled Bizaki leaders Yawramx, Percadiz, and Uditol, to led exploratory expeditions beneath the ice from 2023 to 2030. The Artery’s primary path began in the Yulitox Valley, going south to the midpoint of the Ramax`takal Range in the west, and north through the Turkol Mountains, to the expansive subterranean space over the Dirtox River Valley.

At the mouth of the Dirtox River, Uditol discovered the Pikatakal. Continuing north through the Dirtoxian Mountains, the Artery veered east to the ice covered Ortoxia Hills. After crossing the Hills to the coast, they ventured South and found the Ortakol Bay. South of the Ortakol Harbor the Artery’s exploratory teams split with one leg moving east by water, and the other continuing south. The eastern leg sailed up the Ortosk River and into the Marixitak Mountains. The Artery team moving south eventually punched through the Vosk Mountains to come full circle when they arrived the settlement minding the Femaki’xirpaxul, on the shores of the Vostulak.

In the Benthic Dome Era, the tunnels of the Artery served to migrate settlers from settlement villages inland, to newly constructed cities submerged on the lake beds and bay floors beneath the Prime Ramax (East Antarctica Ice Shelf). After the synthetic replication of dirtoxian-diamonds, and the movement of tharspaxi and dirtoxian-coal harvesting to Tharso, large-scale mining beneath the ice of continental Ramaxia, ceased. The discovery of kyrsat and the creation of kyron spheres led the femmar to retire the Ramaxian Artery maglev and repurpose the tunnels to carry individual transport traffic. All five of the maglev trains used on the Artery, and the ‘Turkol Fist,’ are housed for display at the Age of Expansion Museum, in Vanda Prime.

RAMAXIDOL (The Femarctic Era)