Generational Production: Phase 4 – Subaki

The Collection of donations is always preceded by a Subak citizen’s Social Placement phase.

All Subaki partake in life changes geared toward settling down shortly after their sexually hectic twentieth year. Evolutionary fitness often culminates in bondship or permanent cohabitation with citizens a Subak cares about. When a production year is announced, Subaki lives revolve around anticipating a donation they’ve patched-up for, or a donation they’ll collect that is of no genetic relation to them.

Social Placement during the final phases of a production-year first affects vocational sectors throughout Ramaxia as the exodus of Subaki from paying positions begins. When Zaxiri enter Implantation, the real-estate market booms, driven by Subaki purchasing or leasing pod size residences. Privately, a Subak in a bonded relationship with a Zaxir or associated daily with a Zaxir, will start a mildly manic phase of preparing her residence for the arrival of donations. Nestor behavior isn’t native to Subaki, it is hormonal and occurs in many lifeforms throughout Ramaxicon, even helovx. In the case of a Subak, she is affected more than any other caste by hormones given off by pregnant Zaxiri.

Collection occurs immediately after delivery of those donations born of Bonded-Patches. It is a pod-oriented affair as members of the pod often wait in the rooms of the Birthing Center for their donation to be born. After verification by a Donational Services representative (always present during birthing) a Subak can take her donation (or donations) home straight away.

Patch-Ready and Blind-Patch donations are collected by Subaki that meet the legal requirement to collect them.

Only Subaki in Patch-Ready agreements with Zaxiri they’re not bonded too are allowed entry into the Birthing Center to retrieve their donations at birth. Donations born of Blind-Patches must be retrieved within hours after delivery, through a Donational Collection Center located at Subaki Services in Toxis. Unbonded Subaki may now collect donations* so long as there are at least two adult members in her household; admitted monogamists cannot collect a donation.

*Bonding had once been a legal requirement for Subaki before they could collect a donation; many Subaki bond after their twentieth year, but those who haven’t will do so during a production’s fourth year. Many unbonded Subaki of the Tenth Gen got around the bonding requirement by entering into verbal agreements with Zaxiri that the law gave donational rights to by sheer virtue of bearing the donation. The laws changed after the production of the Eleventh to allow for non-bonded Subaki to collect and raise their donations. [Citizen Utat vs. Ramaxian Donational Services (Pikalit Prime GC – 2216)]

  • Subak Caste: Production Year
    • Habitation Procurement: Dubol – Ixax (January – March)
      • Bond Unions: Yuli-Yubol (April – June)
      • Donation Collection: Yubol (June)
    • Habitation Procurement: Bamx – Subiz (July – September)
      • Bond Unions: Hizaxir – Buxol (October – November)
      • Donation Acquisition: Yulitat (December)