Generational Production: Phase 4 – Zaxiri

The final phase of generational production occurs during the actual year of production and differs for each of the breeding castes.

A Zaxir schedules her Implantation Session at a local ZHC. The process takes an entire day, and she is attended by Subaki caregivers called Implantation Specialists. In this session, caregivers help a Zaxir squat down, so the Implantation Specialist can carefully place a the fertilized donux into one of her makodux using a catheter that is inserted through the makzol. Left to relax with other Zaxiri, she can leave when the donux attaches itself to the upper wall of her makodux resulting in the formation of a mucus plug in the space between her makodux and makzol. Zaxiri are born with dual-makodux, each used per gestation period. A Zaxir is implanted twice in one calendar year*, and will never give birth again beyond the production year.

Only Zaxiri of the Second and Tenth Ramaxian Gens endured two years of production, giving birth up to four times.

Gestation is roughly 38 to 40 days, depending on the Zaxiri. The donux inside of her will grow into a donation that at 13 to 16 pounds, will trigger labor. The weight to trigger is less in donations carried by Subaki (now illegal) and among others made pregnant in the free-birth era.

The final phase of production is called Birthing.

Giving birth begins when the makodux starts to contract after a significant portion of the donation detaches itself from makodux, due to its weight. During detachment the mucus plug that formed during Implantation begins to melt, thinning the makzol and saturating the gashcol. A Zaxir is taken to a Birthing Center where she is set in a shallow pool of anesthetized water until the mucus plug completely dissipates. The urge to push will occur when the makzol thins enough for the safe expulsion of the donation, through her expanded guzshlix.

For Zaxiri this process is relatively painless unless there are complications; for Subaki, possessing a makzol allows them the ability to deliver, but giving birth is a painful ordeal similar to that experienced by helovx women. Neither Hizaki or Bizaki can give birth safely because they have no makzol*; they can however, become pregnant.

The advent of the Banto Sealer, a serum that when inserted through the guzshlix at various stages throughout the pregnancy works to form an artificial makzol, would allow for Hizaki and Bizaki to deliver safely. After its initial use by creator, Wox (Dag) Banto, the Sixth Gen Committee banned the serum as it was their goal to eliminate unscheduled donations. After the enactment of the Balanced Citizenry Act ended the free-birth epidemic, the Banto Sealer became obsolete.

After deliver and the removal of the membrane caul from the newborn’s face, a Zaxir is shown her donation to assure her she delivered safely. Zaxiri will not ask to hold the newborn unless it is another Zaxir. Zaxiri have an aversion to newborn donations, even their initial enchantment with a zaxiridoe fades within moments of hearing her cry.

  • Zaxir Caste: Production Year
    • Implantation Period: Dubol/Ramx (January/February)
      • Gestation Period: Ixax-Yubol (March-June)
      • Birthing: Yubol (June)
    • Implantation Period: Bamx/Jixak (July/August)
      • Gestation Period: Subiz-Yulitat (September-December)
      • Birthing: Yulitat (December)