Generational Production: Phase 3

Patch Combination occurs after the Design Phase. It is performed by accredited Fertility Engineers at the Generational Production Department. There are two divisions in the Patch Combination Center, the Primada and the Citizenry, and each is administered by hive Oligax. Successful patch combination results when a diploid cell develops, called a donux (zygote).

Group Primada contains offices throughout the domes and will join patches on site of those in established relationships; these citizens are known colloquially to have ‘Patched-Up’. Patching Up is when one (or two citizens requesting their Kermadonic Patches be fused) request combination on site, and in the company of the Makodomic Patch holder.

  • Patches created from bonded citizens are called Bonded-Patches. The patches of non-bonded citizen’s that knowingly combine their patch or patches with strangers, friends, or lovers are called Patch-Ready.

The fertility engineers in Citizenry Group know nothing of the citizens connected to the patches they combine; it is their job to fuse random Kermadonic Patches chosen by Oligax, to any of the unmarked Makodonic Patches in their assignment bins; this is called Blind-Patch combination.

  • Throughout this phase, donuxi created from Blind-Patches are sent to the Zaxiri College. Choice-Appointments are scheduled for every Zaxiri planning to give birth, be she bonded or without a bond. Here she can choose a donux based on the non-specific genetic information housed in its patch-file.

Patch Combination protocol is strict, to prevent pedigree collapse. Due to assortative attraction, Oligax will halt patch combinations from citizens unaware that they’re genetic relations. In the case of bonded citizens too closely related, Oligax will parse these patches by destroying the extracted cells.